Coming in to say...

Hot god, it’s been some time since I wrote. My apologies to the loyal few who stay updated on here.

I’ve been pretty busy the last week with work - but I can’t really use that as an excuse because even in my busiest moments I usually still write.

To be honest, life has just been pretty ‘hey, not so bad’ lately, and it’s hard to write about things that are ‘hey, not so bad’ you know?

So this is just going to be a general update blog post. Nothing exciting. Nothing fancy. Get ready for some 'not so bad’ content, baby.


I got a wireless charger and it changed my life

Are you still using a plug-in charger like a goddamn idiot poor person? You need to come over to wireless life. This was one of those changes in my life that was like, $13 and made my life 50x better. I should write it in as an answer for all of those “Reddit what’s something cheap that changed your life drastically” posts.

You know how Starbucks has those sick wireless chargers where you just put your phone on the counter and it starts charging? So futuristic - I love it.

Well I was recently high as a kite, watching an ASMR room tour video from this young gay ASMR kid and one of the things he pointed out in his room was a wireless charger for his phone I was like, “Dean, that’s incredible”.

Go get one on Amazon. You won’t need to give your bed/sofa/table the reach-around anymore. It’s beautiful.


The Hydrafacial

On Monday I went to The Great Jones Spa (I absolutely love this place) and got a Hydrafacial.

I’ve seen it before on YouTube (it’s hailed as “the facial that Kylie Jenner gets”) and basically this mini vacuum sucks shit out of your face, you get a small chemical peel, then they drip anti-oxidants everywhere and you leave with a new face. It’s awesome.

My face has never been smoother, and for the first time in facial history I left the table looking normal. I typically steer clear from facials because I leave looking much worse and then break out for days after - but this was very different. Highly recommend!


Cafe Select

After our spa day, Clara took me to Cafe Select - technically in Soho, but what I consider ‘between Soho and Lower East Side’ because it’s just a different vibe around there.

It’s this beautiful cafe with a million and a half Christmas lights up at the top, and bomb food to boot. Apparently there’s a speakeasy in the back as well.

They were playing all of these romantic orchestra songs that usually only play in Woody Allen movies and I came very close to whisking Clara away on a boat, then taking her on a horseback ride and proposing. The entire vibe was great.

In other news, a random thought that has been in my head lately is being unsure of what I know vs what I feel.

You know how sometimes you can’t tell if you’re listening to your anxiety or your intuition? It’s been happening a lot to me. There have been times in the past week where I think “hmm, was that a shitty thing for her to say to me, or am I just being overly sensitive?” or “is me not trusting this guy due to trust issues from my last relationship, or is he maybe not to be trusted?” and I just. don’t. know. what is right.

I used to - even as close to a year ago - not care about this. Maybe my friend is a bitch to me? I don’t give a shit! This guy could love me and then ruin me? Let’s do it, it’s an experience, baby! You only live once and you have to get out of your comfort zone and just try it to know!

And maybe it’s something that comes with experience. It used to be fine to do something, knowing that if I messed up I would stumble. But I’ve now personally experienced enough stumbles to know that sometimes the stumbles really knock you on your ass. They’re best to be avoided, aren’t they?

I think I just want a Magic 8 ball with me that I can shake and whisper into “are these thoughts right?” or “am I overthinking things right now?” or “is this my intuition and I should listen to it, or is it just wrong?”

And then the Magic 8 ball can tell me to “ask again” and I’ll throw it against the wall in a champagne-fueled rage. That’s all I want! Simple things, baby!

Honestly in re-reading this maybe I just need a mani and a xani, as Zara Barrie would say.

But, such is life. I guess things wouldn’t be that much fun if a black plastic ball told you everything you ever wanted to know.

That said, I’d still like to try it out. So if any witches or warlocks read my blog, please contact me! I’m willing to be your test subject.

But despite my early-morning ramblings about how I don’t know which way is up most of the time…things really are, and I can’t stress this enough - not so bad.

So that’s good.

Until the next one,


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