Boy Band Brunch in New York City

A few weeks ago my absolutely wonderful future sister-in-law, Haley, came to New York City with her best friend Madison for her bachelorette party.

We ate great food, drank lots of drinks, saw a comedy show, and went to some fabulous bars.

Excuse the lack of good photo quality! This is us in Barbounia.

Excuse the lack of good photo quality! This is us in Barbounia.

But the highlight of the weekend…oh, the highlight was boy band brunch.

Madison found it online while planning for the weekend and sent me the below link with just “I’m dying. I can’t believe this is a thing.”

We were curious, intrigued, excited and above all else…girls born in the 90s. Boy Bands were truly a lifestyle while growing up.

“Wow, what if like…I fall in love with one of them tomorrow?” I had asked them over drinks on Saturday night. “And that’s the story of how I met my husband? We just lock eyes and fall in love?”

“Bold of you to presume that any of them will be straight,” they had laughed.

(They were right. None of them were straight.)

So Sunday afternoon we headed over and experienced Boy Band Brunch.

You have some time before the show to order coffee, drinks and food and then soon enough, four men run up onto the stage in these amazing outfits and it. is. on.

Not only are their voices and dancing skills incredible (honestly, they were all so talented) but they leaned into the boy band theme so hard and it made for such a fun experience.

“Hi everyone, and thank you for coming,” the ringleader crooned to us after the first song ended. He introduced the members of the band to us by their ‘theme’.

“This here,” he had started, “is Josh, he’s the sporty one!” and we all applauded as Josh did a high kick and sporty dance move. We met the other members (the bad boy, the boy next door, and of course….the sensitive one).

They sang, they danced and they came into the audience to personally serenade a few lucky individuals. In between sets, TV screens played clips from 90s tv shows and the entire experience was a wonderful walk down memory lane.

At the end, they played their own music video and I have to link it below because it’s hilarious. Please watch until the shower scene at the end - I nearly lost it when I saw that part.

We chatted with them after for a bit, and while I was under the impression that this was a New York City thing, they actually travel as a band all over.

They’ve performed on cruise ships, across the country and are even going to be going on tour this year. So if you want to experience The Boy Band Project yourself, just look them up online.

Us with the Boy Band after brunch

Us with the Boy Band after brunch

I really can’t express enough how great of an idea this was for a bachelorette lunch, and thank you to the Boy Band Project (especially the bad boy member) for such a great show.

Also - only 16 days until Haley and Brendan are married!

Until the next one,