An Ode to the Author (Guest post by Bridget)

Before we get into today’s blog post, I want to give a little preface. Over the weekend I got a text from Bridget

My mahn! I just emailed you a guest post for your blog in case you wanted to post it - NO pressure at all just had been thinking about it for awhile and finally got my ideas down. Do with it as you wish 😊

I was madly excited. I’ve begged people before to write guest posts, but such as it is with most things in life no one comes the fuck through for me!

Well, I’m being dramatic. It’s just a cold and gray Tuesday morning so the weather calls for a little drama. I’m trying to spice things up.

I thought Bridget might write a post about her past relationship experiences, or some of her INFJ wisdom…and I was surprised (and a bit teary) when I saw that she wrote about me.

That’s my motherfucking best friend!


And it might be incredibly up-my-own-ass to post this, but hey - so long as I’m under 5k visitors a month, I can basically use this website as a personal diary.

So without further ado, Bridget’s guest post.

Hey there everyone! My name is Bridget and today I wanted to submit a guest post to Shannon's blog. My name might be familiar, as Shannon has graciously shouted me out a few times within this blog. But if you don't know me, Shannon is my best friend and I am this blog's #1 fan (fight me on this...I dare you).

I wanted to give some love back to Shan because we see her creativity, humor, and quick wit come through uniquely in each blog post. But there are so many additional nuanced layers to her that deserve celebration as well, and I wanted to bring light to some of them.

Shannon and I have been best friends since '07. God damn we're getting old (well, we are old. No "getting". Found that out the hard way over sushi one fateful birthday). As such, we have been together through many life stages and witnessed each other grow. Outside of my family, no one else in my life has been with me through so much growth.

For as long as I have known her, Shannon has always been the funniest, most authentic person in the room. And it is completely effortless. I heard a saying recently that confidence is quiet. I thought of Shannon immediately because that is how she carries herself. She doesn't NEED to prove herself to anyone - she merely is. And honestly I don't think she realizes quite how alluring she is because of it. She is confident enough to love herself while still being vulnerable when the moment calls for it - confidence at its pinnacle. She has been this way for as long as I've known her and it is one of the things I adore about her the most.

Another thing I love about Shannon is her social media presence. She featured me in a post a few months back discussing my lack of an online presence. Truth is, I don't like social media at all. People are so ostentatious and it drives me insane. However...there is one person who is herself through and through. Any takers? I'll clue you's the author of this blog. I don't know anyone else whose social media is so honest like hers. And it is a treat for me to be able to wake up to a new blog post, or a tweet that will crack me up so much that my coworker in the cube next to me checks to make sure I'm functioning. Her twitter is to DIE for...for real, if you haven't seen it you're missing out.

There is no topic too simple or profound for us. At any given moment the spectrum can vary from dog poop bags to the mysterious decades of Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking. The beautiful thing is that this dynamic between us has stood the test of time. In fact, it only seems to get stronger as we get older. Some people go their entire lives without ever finding a Shannon - I was lucky enough to find mine at age 14 and don't plan on letting her go until I die.

My purpose here was to show some additional dimensions of my best friend. Truth is, I could keep writing for hours and it still would only scratch the surface. So I will leave it at this for now. But hey, to perhaps be continued in a future guest post :)

Much love,


Was that not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read? I’m incredibly biased, but still ;)

And if you think that this post points to my narcissism, allow me to direct you to this post.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Bridget - the best friend the world could offer. And she was right in her post, by the way. We are getting old.

Love you B,

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