The Ivy in Los Angeles: Restaurant Review

There’s a chance that you’ve heard of The Ivy before, and maybe even a chance that you heard of it the way I did.

To put it bluntly, Instagram and YouTube celebrities frequent The Ivy often. It’s a bougie, expensive restaurant in Los Angeles known for celebrities sightings, paparazzi, and I guess they also serve food, too. Expensive food.

A little while back, I went here with my then-boyfriend. He had suggested dinner, and said that it was an LA staple. I only realized when we got out of the car where I knew the restaurant from.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! The iconic post-Jake Paul paparazzi drama with Alissa Violet. I remember watching this video a couple dozen of times after their breakup.

Anyway, my he knew of The Ivy from its iconic status, I knew of it because a girl I follow on YouTube once went there and was accosted by The Hollywood Fix. We were just two peas, huh?

Even with a reservation, we waited a bit to be seated - and were served complimentary champagne while we did. This, by the way, is always a good move in my book. I could be locked in Home Depot for a weekend by myself, but if I have champagne - then it turns into a party. It just makes everything better.

Isn’t that gorgeous?

Isn’t that gorgeous?

The cool thing about The Ivy is how every room and area is massively decorated. Outside looks like a tea party garden, inside has the vibe of your eclectic Aunt’s old home…the whole thing is very interesting. We poked around the restaurant for a bit with our drinks before we sat down.


The meal was good - but wildly expensive for what it was. We both had some great cocktails, I ordered some truffle covered pizza, he got a steak. Was it good food? Yes. But was it worth the price? Meh, probably not.

Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t pay for the meal, haha. Seeing a bill like that probably would have been a shock.

The meal

The meal

So, would I go back? Probably not. It’s a good place to go once, and it was cool knowing that Alissa Violet walked the same steps I did, but it wasn’t a favorite.

What I would suggest doing though, is just hanging around the area and waiting to spot a celebrity. Just like The Hollywood Fix does, haha!

Until the next one,

Shannon McNamaraComment