Reasons Why You're Pissed Off In The Morning

Sometimes, I’m a morning person. Sometimes I hop out of bed before my alarm clock goes off, make hot lemon water (for real) and spend quiet time stretching and enjoying my company in silence before I begin my day.

It happened once. I know it’s possible, but fuck is it elusive.

Most of the time, I wake up and I’m pissed. I have nothing to be pissed at yet, I just am. I’m grumpy before I get out of bed, I’m grumpy as I shower and brush my teeth, and it ends with me coming into the office grumpy, and just staying in that zone for the rest of the day.

I’m not the type of person who wants to be this way, so I recently really thought about it - and realized that there are ways to start your day in a good mood.

Here are some things that subconsciously piss you off in the mornings, and how you can change them.

Your alarm’s ringtone is horrible

I would say “your alarm clock” but who uses alarm clocks nowadays? Most of us use our phones, and most of the time we leave them right next to our bed, on a crazy high volume, and it’s set to that “apex” ringtone that makes me want to run into traffic and die whenever I hear it.

Honestly, whoever at Apple made that sound, hit me up. I just want to talk, I swear.

Before bed, set an alarm with a peaceful sound. Don’t be afraid to buy a ringtone, I bought one for $1.24 and let me tell you - it’s the best $1.24 I’ve ever spent.

You can also label your alarm with something sweet. It can be something lame like “You are amazing” or sometimes I like to label it with “Pagina” or “Buttmuncher” just to start the day off right with a laugh.

Your underwear is too tight

Is your underwear too tight? Are your socks not fitting your feet properly? Is your bra digging into your ribcage persistently for hours? These are all tiny things that can really make a major impact on your mood.

Whatever you had plans to splurge on next - change them. Get yourself some incredible underwear, socks and bras. This will make your life - and your mornings - infinitely better.

Do you suffer from dry eye?

I sound like such a virgin every time I say this, but truly - I suffer from dry eye! I think a lot of us recently have been having eye issues, and I am a full on truther and believe that using screens for 10+ hours a day has a lot to do with this.

The more you look into blue light, the more your eyes dry out. We are looking at these screens all the damn time, and it’s drying our eyes out and hurting our health.

How does this relate to moody mornings? Well, it’s a lot harder to wake up and open your eyes when they’re dry and irritated.

What I do to help my eyes is in the morning and night I take a super hot washcloth, hold it over my closed eyes for about 30 seconds, and then rub them a bit. This helps your eyes stimulate oil production and keep them…moist, baby. You can also use eye drops! I’m just an eye drop wuss, personally.

You’re hungry but you don’t want to eat

This is me to a full on T. When I wake up I’m starving, but I have no desire for food to enter my mouth. I just want to be full, but I don’t want to go about eating so shortly after waking up.

The best thing to do here is either have some juice, or do what I like to do - take one of those gummy vitamins that are covered in crystalized sugar bits. I have some Vitamin D gummies that are covered in sugar and taste amazing. You get to have some ‘morning D’ while also easing your hunger. Everyone wins.

There you have it! Try waking up to sounds of an ocean, slipping on expensive underwear, putting in some eye drops and eating vitamin gummies to see if all of your problems disappear. Did I solve them all? Am I a wizard?

I hope these tips helped you - and as always, feel free to write in with tips of your own.

All the best,