Great Jones Spa Review

I officially have a favorite spa in New York, and it’s officially The Great Jones Spa.

I’ve recently become a bit of a nut for spas. I feel like I move through phases of what I spend recklessly on, and now that I’m a Rent the Runway member, my indulgence has moved from clothes and shopping into pampering and relaxation.

In the past month I’ve been to 3 spas, and gotten my nails done twice. Whoops.

At any rate, know that you can trust me as a verified expert when it comes to all things decadent and destressing.

So let’s first get into why Great Jones Spa is the best spa for a twenty-something in Manhattan.

I personally only like going to spas that have water lounges and relaxation areas. If you’re spending hundreds of dollars for an experience, I don’t want it to just be an hour long massage! I want to hang out and really make the most of the pampering.

Great Jones Spa is wonderful for that because their water lounge is incredible - so good that you can buy ‘day passes’ to the spa for $55 to just experience the water lounge.

Great Jones Spa water lounge

Great Jones Spa water lounge

The water lounge includes a warm bubbling pool, a cold plunge pool, a sauna, steam room and beautiful high-ceiling area where you can lay out on lounge chairs, read magazines and drink tea. There are water features that trickle down the high ceilings and it’s just such a vibe of relaxation.

If you’re going to buy a day pass though - I massively suggest that you come on a weekday. I’ve never been on the weekends before but I hear that it gets pretty crowded, which in my opinion takes away the relaxation aspect.

The first time I went to Great Jones Spa I got a simple aromatherapy massage.

The massage rooms are nice - despite being in the middle of NoHo they don’t skimp on the quality or space, and even though the rooms are close together, you can’t hear anything once you’re inside.

The second time I came here, I got the hydrafacial which I talk about in this post.

After my facial - since a chemical peel was involved - I wasn’t allowed to go into the sauna or steam rooms because the temperature could set my face off in a bad way.

The spa was nice enough to give me a voucher to come back and use the water lounge and believe me the voucher will be used soon. Very sweet of them to do that.

Also, the facial was incredible.

I don’t know what pose I’m doing here or why I look so sad but it’s the only photo I have post-facial

I don’t know what pose I’m doing here or why I look so sad but it’s the only photo I have post-facial

I’ve been to a few other spas in NYC, but I think the best value is at Great Jones Spa. And when I say “best value” I don’t mean it in the unsexy way like when you talk about T.J. Maxx or Trader Joes. It’s bougie! It’s a nice ass place! I love to spend money!

So to anyone considering a visit there, do it. And if you get reiki there (they offer it on certain days) let me know how it is because I’m looking into trying reiki again.

Blissfully and with my pockets nearing empty,