I'm in love with a Psychopath: Villanelle from Killing Eve

Remember that T-Pain song that goes, “I’m in love with a strippaa”?

That song was pretty popular around middle school, and I remember when the song came on at dances my friends and I would giggle about how T-Pain was confused, and hopelessly in love with this stripper.

How weird to be in love after just seeing a stripper dance? T-Pain never even met her! They haven’t exchanged names or anything! HA, how we laughed on that dance floor, about how lost T-Pain must be in life.

Well move aside, big daddy, because I’m in love with a fictional female psychopath. So I got you beat in the crazy department.

Villanelle, from the show Killing Eve, has been on my mind constantly.

giphy (21).gif

I came across the below video on YouTube, discussing how Villanelle is an incredibly likeable female villain, and after watching that video I went down a rabbit hole on YouTube trying to look up more scenes that she was in, until I finally caved and watched Season 1 of Killing Eve. And then Season 2, seconds after I finished the Season 1 finale.

As the above video explains, Villanelle is an incredibly likable villain for many reasons.

One of them - and one of things I like the most about her - is her childlike demeanor. And yes, she’s a deadly assassin, a certifiable psychopath, but she’s also a bit of a kid at heart.

She has childlike curiosity and enjoys playing harmless pranks on people (in between her very harmful murders). It’s a weird contrast of innocent child paired with Apex predator that’s fascinating to watch on the screen.

This contrast comes out, for example, when she corners Eve’s husband, and approaches him in daylight in front of school children - so he can’t make a scene. She verbally threatens him, emasculates him, and then ends the conversation with this:

giphy (2).gif

I mean, simply adorable, right? She’s the most kissable murderer I’ve ever laid eyes on.

She also has the same pet peeves as me! Remember that child actress from 500 Days of Summer? She kept giving advice (as like a 9 year old) to her older brother (who was like a 30 year old) and acting like she knew better than him.

I hate that troupe. Stop being smart! You’re a little kid! You poo in your pants and eat boogers! Just knock it off with being condescending and ‘smart’. Ugh.

Well guess which fictional killer agrees with me? Villanelle.


What’s stronger than shared values? Sharing the same hatred! And her and I most definitely do.

We’re also similar in other ways, as well. Villanelle is incredibly blunt, especially with people that she has romantic feelings for.


And I’m the same! I mean here I am writing a blog post, professing my love for her, while she doesn’t even exist and will definitely never read this. I just put it out there. I am brave.

You what else I also am? I’m funny.

And so is Villanelle, and she knows it.

giphy (3).gif

And last, but kind of most importantly, she has fucking incredible style. Villanelle has some of the most bomb ass outfits I’ve seen on television. Honestly, looking at her outfits is one of the main highlights of watching the show.

Her style - and also her character - has inspired me to dress more boldly as well. I’m a user (and big fan) of Rent the Runway, and seeing what Villanelle wear and rocks in her daily (fictional) life inspires me to dress more boldly and wear more interesting outfits.


So here’s to Villanelle! The hottest female assassin to ever exist, even though she doesn’t really exist.

Off to daydream some more,