5 Simple Hairstyles for Sweaty Girls

I write a lot about being a sweaty girl. And I’m not even close to finished on the subject. I could honestly start and maintain a podcast about the topic.

Natural deodorant? Horrible.

Botox in the armpits? I’ve thought about it.

T-shirts that have pads in the armpit area so they don’t show sweat stains? My mom has cut out articles of that product and sent it to me in the mail.

I’m a verified expert. I’m dripping in knowledge, there’s no way around it.

So I wrote another post for MyLifeOOO about “5 Quick Hairstyles That Will Save You From The Heat This Summer” to share around my obscure and embarrassing wealth of knowledge on all things sweat-ay.

Click below to read about ways you can manage your hair in the summer heat.

If you have any hair advice of your own - I’m always looking! Summer is a hard season for us thick-haired girls.

Putting it up,