I Learned How to be a DJ at The Foxgrove

This past Wednesday, my co-workers and I headed to The Foxgrove in NYC for an after-work bonding activity. We were going to learn how to be DJs.

A special shout-out to my awesome co-worker Sara, who came up with this idea. It’s about a million times better than “Wine and Paint” class, or trivia night, or any of those other tired bonding activities. Learning how to be a DJ is cool, unique, and as I ended up learning…a hell of a lot harder than I would have predicted. But in a fun way, so let’s get into it.

So after work on Wednesday we traveled up to Koreatown and entered the Foxgrove studio.

The first thing I have to say, was that this location was very cool. Just take a look at the below photos to get a feel for how special this space is.

Random, but important - It also smells amazing…and after my many trips to their well-scented bathroom (we did a little happy hour beforehand) I ended up peeking at their candles, and found them here. And I’ve already bought a couple, haha.

The studio can fit 12 people at a time (or 24 if you’re cool with sharing a DJ set with another person), and the first hour is spent learning the controls of your machine, with time between each lesson to practice.

We first learned how to loop certain parts of songs, and the ‘golden’ rule of DJ-ing which is changing beats “on the 1”. So when you count 1…2…3…4…1, that’s when you should introduce something new to the track.

Jenny (aka DJ Anonymous Wolverine) about to drop some fire beats

Jenny (aka DJ Anonymous Wolverine) about to drop some fire beats

After learning all the basic skills, our teacher set us free to make our own mixes - as well as record whatever we made so we could send it to ourselves.

I got pretty into it. I really wanted to do something where I mixed the beautiful vocals of Ellie Goulding with a a Zedd beat behind them, but seeing as I was pretty novice I just ended up putting some stuff together and rolling with it.

You can check out my hot mix below:

The class was a total of two hours, and everyone agreed that it was a fantastic time.

I left with a new appreciation for what DJs do (turns out it’s not just ‘pushing a button’ as I thought), a hot new mix, and also…a new candle recommendation.

I know, I sound like a lunatic, but honestly this space was just so nice. I left feeling like I had been to a spa I really can’t stress enough how great the energy and aesthetics of that place are.

DJ Clara about to mix it up

DJ Clara about to mix it up

So, next time you’re looking for a unique party to host, or group bonding activity for work - try searching for a DJ class. I’ve been to a lot of work events, and I have to say that this one was the most memorable by far.

Also, what DJ name do you like better for me…

DJ soyboy: Turn up, we’re plant-based and we’re about to get plant-faced

DJ Butt Sweat: I spin the tracks right in yo’ cracks. I make it drip on the dance floor.

No bad ideas in brainstorming, right?

Still working on it…,