Is Taylor Swift coming out as bisexual in her recent music video?

I have been a Taylor Swift worshipper since my early days of high school. I’ve been to nine of her shows, cried both happy (the Mine music video) and sad tears (anytime All Too Well comes on) to her music, and have hailed her as my personal role model and inspiration for years.

Taylor was even a part of my most embarrassing high school moment. I broke up with my long-term boyfriend, Evan, and when he asked why I was breaking up with him, I sent him a link to Taylor’s song “Come in with the Rain”.

Evan was like, “what is this?”

And I was like, “Evan, just listen, it explains everything I’m feeling.”

Yes, the cringe is real. That’s about as high school as it gets. Actually, wait - I sent it over Facebook messenger. Even more high school-y!


But when Taylor ‘turned bad girl’ and went into this dark, snaked filled Reputation era, I kind of drifted away. The lyrics just didn’t seem as impactful on this album as her previous ones. The songs seemed over-produced. The whole aesthetic of Taylor being a girl who didn’t care about her reputation just seemed confusing. I grew up as a socially anxious child, and Taylor’s lyrics about caring what other people thought of her was something that really resonated with me. The thing I loved most about her was her authenticity through song-writing, and I didn’t feel the same connection with Reputation.

But recently, Taylor has shed the snakes for butterflies, and started her new era full of pastels, soft colors, and girly vibes - and a lot of the people who were fans of the ‘old Taylor’ started to get excited to see this resurgence.


After releasing her first single, “Me!”, Taylor released “You Need To Calm Down” last week - a pride-friendly ode to the internet bullies who take the piss out of people, and need to just knock it off.

With the lyric "shade doesn’t make anybody less gay” in the song, and the overdoses of rainbow colors in her music video and on her social media pages - people have been wondering.

Is Taylor Swift simply an ally? Or are these lyrics and rainbow palette embraces suggesting that she might be coming out soon?

I’ve thought for a while that Taylor might be gay. Her relationship with Karlie Kloss, especially, was something that always seemed incredibly beautiful to me - in a way that her relationship with other female friends never did.

I’ve also been bi for as long as I can remember, and my gaydar is usually on the money.

Also look at them - I mean, they’re perfect together.

These speculations on her sexuality have been around for a long time. “Kaylor” is probably the most well known conspiracy theory, but there are others as well. Such as a rumored relationship with Dianna Agron, and her old fiddle player, whose name I believe was Emily.

Even more interesting, are the ideas that Taylor’s songs can be paired with these female relationships.

“I Know Places,” a song from 1989 about hiding your relationship from the public could be about Taylor keeping her romance private - but it could also be about hiding her relationship with Karlie Kloss.

“Wonderland”, a deluxe track from 1989 is rumored to be about Dianna Agron - who is a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland.

And, of course, “Breathe” is said to be about her first female love, Emily the fiddle player.

Also who could forget “Kissgate”, when a fan caught what looked like Taylor and Karlie kissing at a 1985 concert in the balcony?


Now, let’s take it to Taylor’s latest music video, “You Need to Calm Down”.

The latest rumor circulating the internet is that Taylor left a hint in the video that she is bisexual, based on her hair color - the colors of the bisexual pride flag.

If you didn’t know that there was a bisexual flag, you’re not alone. I, myself am bisexual, and even I only found out about this flag recently. The colors are pink, purple and blue.


And guess who was rocking a dyed hairstyle of pink, purple and blue in today’s new music video? Taylor freaking Swift. And this wasn’t an ombre accident - these are the exact same colors in the exact same order as the bisexual flag.


True, it might be just a coincidence that her hair looks that way - in a music video that is bursting with color, perhaps three of them just ended up in the right order, at the right place.

But this is Taylor Swift. She’s been a fan of dropping easter eggs and hints and codes from her very first album - where she used to leave secret messages in her lyric pamphlets


Now, to get a bit personal (since that’s what a blog is all about) I have to admit that I hope I’m wrong here.

I personally think there’s a good chance that Taylor Swift might be gay, or bisexual. (And I really want Kaylor to be real). But the idea of coming out in a big music video, as part of something that promotes your next album, just seems a little inauthentic to me. And I know that Taylor is an authentic person because I’ve been a fan for years - so this doesn’t really seem her style.

I’ve personally never “come out” as bisexual. I’ve just been that way for as long as I can remember, so I’ve never had a desire to come out and set the record straight…or, you know, crooked, as it were.

That’s not to say I would ever knock anyone for how they handle their sexuality. Everyone is free to do and express what they want, and how they feel, in whatever way is best for them.

I just don’t like the idea of using your sexual preference to potentially promote an album.

I really loved, for example, the way Bella Thorne came out as bisexual.


Boom. Just out there. I’m bisexual, yes thank you, and now onto the next thing in life.

But again, that’s just preference. And if Taylor did come out as bisexual (and maybe bless us with some girls loving girls songs on her next album) I would still be a massive fan, and support her in any way possible.

So what do you think? Is Taylor hinting at her sexuality in this music video, or are people online reaching and need to….Calm Down?

Until next time,