What I'm Loving on the Internet: June 2019

Ah, *cracks knuckles* this is what it all comes down to. This monthly blog post of my favorite Internet Things. You know, I don’t sit by the blue light of my laptop every night until the wee hours of the morning, hunched over on Reddit and meme pages and going down YouTube holes for myself!

I’m joking. I obviously do - it’s basically a lifestyle at this point.

So let’s get into a random collection of things that have tickled or titillated me online in June.

Memes about mental illness

Now before I share some fire memes, I want to put out the obligatory disclaimer: I’m not making fun of mental illness. I just really enjoy the memes. I don’t pay a hefty amount of money every week to a very expensive Manhattan therapist just so people can write in and say that I’m not allowed to talk about mental illness in a joking way. I have paid my dues! Literally!

And the memes are oh so funny and they make all the sad sad disappear. They really help! Here are my latest favorites.


Up next: A fucking huge turtle. Probably biggest you’ve ever seen.

Am I nuts, or is this crazy? That is a living dinosaur.

I also had an interesting thought when I saw this…usually, we think things are cuter when they’re shrunken down and tiny. Human babies are much cuter than human adults. Puppies are cuter than dogs. Kittens are cuter than cats.

But certain animals - like turtles - are a lot cuter when they’re huge. Maybe it’s personal preference…maybe it’s not. Let me know what you prefer in the comments.


This mushroom that eats plastic


This article that perfectly nails how the Wellness Industry is toxic ass.

Sent to me by my mother - I love you, Mom!

I have such strong thoughts on this that might garner a blog post of their own, but I really despise the wellness culture that is such a strong thing nowadays. I was talking about this recently with a co-worker, and realized something.

If I stopped 10 people on the street and polled them about which foods are bad for you - and why - I know that those 10 people would all have a list of different foods for me that I should avoid for threat of heart disease, fatness, too much sugar…you name it. But if I had to poll 10 people on foods that are good for you, stocked full with vitamins and lists of the way they would help your body…I don’t think more than a couple people could give me the answer.

And it sucks. Food is our fuel, it’s where we get our nutrients. And it’s horrible that we demonize food in so many aspects - but it’s also horrible that we don’t glorify any food. Juice is great! But it’s filled with sugar, which is the devil. And whole wheat is good for you, but too much of it will make you fat. The only food that the wellness community stands solidly behind is probably water.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 10.06.47 PM.png


Have you heard about these? I first heard about deepfakes in Shane Dawson’s conspiracy video. Someone was using a deepfake to make a pornstar look like Selena Gomez in one of her videos. Freaky, right? Also scary, morally wrong, and very unethical.

But the scarier consequences of using deepfakes is something very serious that makes me nervous about the future.

Deepfakes can come around to bite us in the ass…but before they do…let’s have some fun with it. Here’s a deep fake of Jon Snow apologizing for the bad writing in Season 8 of Game of Thrones.

Cozy spot of the month

How adorable is this spot below? I absolutely love the idea of having something cozy within something very metropolitan. I think it might be why I like walking The High Line in Chelsea so much (….that is, when it’s not overrun with tourists).

The below picture is from one of my favorite subreddits, and of course, everyone sucks in the comments and talks about how “rain will get on that” and “it doesn’t look waterproof to me” I mean people of the internet…you did it again. Just be chill.

But for the less cynical, enjoy the below photo of cuteness!


Boulder with stretched bronze

I mean, right? How freaking epic is this. For a hefty amount of money, it’s also available for sale if you like it enough…


That’s all for June! What have you loved checking out online this month? As always, drop me a note to let me know.