The Pros and Con of Dating during the Summer: NYC Edition

The weather in New York City is recently beautiful, I’ve stopped wearing light grey for fear of sweat stains, and my Con-Ed bill is about to be through the roof. We’re officially entering a Manhattan summer.

And yes, I know that it’s technically spring, but what with global warming, summer is basically right behind us.

Which, by the way, diet and exercise companies should be taking note of this, shouldn’t they? The roadmap you laid out to get your “beach body ready” is now frighteningly shortened since the weather now gets hot in May instead of July. Maybe the vanity industry could team up with the environmental companies and really combine forces to do some good in this world.

Anyway, my rambling aside, what is it like to date in New York City’s summer? I wrote a piece on about this, which you can check out below!

And in the meantime, I’m off to buy prescription deodorant, and cover my feet in Gold Bond powder. I sweat like an African waterfall in the summer it’s insane.

Headed to CVS,