What things remind you of your exes?

This evening, I was walking to the gym after work.

Actually, sorry, I was walking to the Equinox, where I’m a member. (I figure if I pay $260 a month for it, I should probably mention this more, right?)

Anyway, my rich and toned ass was walking to the bougie and glamorous Equinox when a man walked past me, and I nearly cracked my neck to look back at him.

I could have sworn that it was my college boyfriend, but it wasn’t. They didn’t even look alike. I kept walking and thinking this over, when I realized it was the smell that stirred something in me. Men’s deodorant - to be more specific, “Clean Comfort 48 Hour Protection”.

It was the same deodorant my college boyfriend wore (and sometimes I did, after staying overnight) and to this day, I smell it and I immediately think of him. I can almost see him when I smell it, that’s how closely they’re correlated in my mind.

(My college boyfriend also looked a lot like Flynn Rider)

(My college boyfriend also looked a lot like Flynn Rider)

I kept thinking about this topic as I huffed and sweated on the treadmill, and even more as I sat in the steam room and truly, truly sweated.

I have a specific thing - smell, song, place - that reminds me of each ex. I’ve been to some wonderful restaurants with exes, but they don’t really hold a special spot in my mind. Even some apartments I’ve lived in and trips I’ve been on were monumental, but didn’t hold enough staying power to be the thing that reminds me of them.

So - using a random name generator for the below - here are the specific random things that remind me of certain exes.


More Than a Feeling by Boston. He crushed it on guitar hero (if that gives you any indication that he was my high school boyfriend) and said it reminded me of him.


The clothing store Wet Seal.


Stroker Ace by Lovage. Oh, and a certain kind of male deodorant I might have smelled on a sidewalk today.


Renaissance festivals. Specifically capes…any time I see a cape I just think of him.


Knee high socks. Unf.


Same Old Mistakes by Tame Impala/Rihanna


Tory Burch and speeding tickets


The word “quack”


Eucalyptus. Literally eucalyptus. And candles in a bathroom.


Oscar Wilde and the New York Public Theater

It’s funny, some of these things I remember with fondness, and some of them I remember in a bitter way. I’m so glad that I think of Cami every time I smell eucalyptus, but when Same Old Mistakes comes on my playlist I’m kind of like ugh fuck you, Will, as I skip the song.


Maybe time heals all wounds? Maybe some relationships will forever taint smells and songs and places for however long you hold a grudge or resentment towards someone.

It’s actually a pretty interesting test - give it a shot!

Make a list of all the items and aesthetics that remind you of your exes. Then go through the list and cross of the items and aesthetics that leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Were those your worst relationships? Your best?

I’m going to keep pondering it. Maybe another run on the treadmill and sweat in the steam room at the very expensive and costly and fancy gym that I belong to will help me reach a conclusion.

At any rate, it’s something to thing about!

Sweet dreams,