You're A Sexist Little Fucker If You Don't Like Daenerys

Apologies for the click-bait title, that’s pretty uncool of me. I watched a YouTube video last night called “Dog Fart Cat Vomit” in which, you guessed it, a dog farted and then a cat vomited. It was super refreshing to see content that matched its title (and see a dog fart and cat vomit), and I’m not as morally sound as that YouTuber.

The current Game of Thrones hate for Daenerys is something I understand. I get it. I’m even privy to it myself. She’s being a bit annoying to our girl Sansa…not cool.

Let’s take it back to the beginning - we all loved Daenerys in Season 1. She’s helpless, innocent, becomes more sure of herself with each episode and…she rode a dick and somehow the scene was written so well and with such great build up that we were like wow she is coming into her own via riding that dick which I can tell you 100% I’ve never thought before.

Season 2 she goes a little “where are my dragons” crazy, but she’s focused on keeping her people alive, she’s wearing cool outfits, she’s refusing marriage proposals, it’s still great.

Season 3 she has the arguably one of the best scenes in Game of Thrones where she fake trades her dragon, burns a foreign pervert, and claims the Unsullied as her army. And then goes and frees more slaves.

original (5).gif

Season 4 you see hints of “I shall answer injustice with justiceand we’re like hmmm maybe listen to the man Selmy? He knows whats good? But she’s focused on freeing slaves, so it’s all still chill.

Season 5 we see that she’s a pretty bad ruler, also it’s hard to rule in a kingdom where everyone wants to keep owning slaves and…her whole thing is that she’s against that? Honestly, a good compromise leaves everyone unhappy and she did a lot of compromising that season.

Season 6 she pulls the I can’t burn move again, and it’s cool, but a bit overplayed at this point?

tenor (2).gif

And then Season 7 she meets up with Jon…and this is when neckbeards on Reddit really start to hate her. She gets annoying! She’s all murdery-like I was born to rule these kingdoms and I will!!!! And back in Season 1 she was just like I want to go home…damn I’m a little girl don’t murder me please.

In her defense, she’s wanted to go to Westeros her entire life, people keep trying to kill her, and then this Jon character shows up being like “I’m actually King, sorry, and also you should stop trying to be Queen and instead help me fight a magic deadly guy made of ice that totally exists but I’m the only one who has seen it.”

I, too, would have been like “fuck off you little conspiracy theorist,” and you probably would have said that too.

So now we’re all caught up (that saved you 70+ hours) and now in Season 8.

Daenerys is banging Jon, and puts her life goddamn goal on pause and brings her entire army to Winterfell to help them fight the army of the dead.

And now people are mad at her somehow. Because she wants the same thing she’s wanted since Season 1.

Now, I understand. I get it. She’s obviously being written as the villain and it’s annoying. She’s harsh now. She’s unforgiving. She’s killed people. Jon would give up his title and she wouldn’t, etc.

But let me reframe some of these arguments for you because I think a lot of people are honestly missing the perspective.

For the “Sansa is better than Daenerys” idiots

Sansa’s being a bitch. I get why people like her - she’s had an incredible character arc and come a long way. But so has Daenerys, you amnesia-having fuckers.

Gone through rape? Sansa has, but so has Daenerys.

Suffered and been kept prisoner? Sansa has, but so has Daenerys.


Had both of her parents die? Sansa has, but so has Daenerys (and she never even had the chance to meet hers. She was basically born an orphan).

Grown from an innocent little girl to a smart woman? Once again, they both have.

Saved Jon from death? Sansa did at the Battle of the Bastards, and Dany did past the Wall.

They’re both equally matched. People need to fuck off!

For the asshats who think the Northerners shouldn’t bow down to Dany

Take a fucking seat! Missandei said it best, she truly did, when she hit Sansa with the fact that Winterfell would be a dead pile of shit if it weren’t for Dany.

  • Brought her dragons

  • Brought the Dothraki horde

  • Brought the Unsullied Army

  • Brought literally all the dragonglass in the world aka the only way they killed wights

giphy (16).gif

If Dany didn’t come to Winterfell everyone would be fucking dead. And these clowns don’t want to bend the knee? She is saving your worthless lives show a little goddamn respect.

You can probably tell already but good lord it makes me so mad.

For the virgins that want to complain about how Dany has killed people

Wow, Dany burned two men who were openly rebelling to her, disrespecting her, and refusing to bend the knee.


Remember when Jon hung multiple men at the wall who also disrespected him and wanted him dead? Well he hung four of them, so if you’re mad at Dany for this you should be doubly mad at Jon. RIGHT?

Literally everyone on this goddamn show has killed people. Stop being a hypocrite.

For the humongous bitches that are pressed that she wants to be Queen

Where were you when Margaery was obsessed with this same goal? Or Cersei? Or Stannis for being King? Renly? Or literally anyone fucking else?


Daenereys’ father was a rightful king, and he was fucking murdered. Then all of the rest of her family was murdered too. Do you honestly think that if that happened to you, you would be like that’s fine! Let someone else who murdered my dad take the spot.

Fuck no. Sansa and Arya and the Starks are allowed to avenge their father but Daenerys can’t? Hypocrites!

For the fucked up numbnuts that say she ruined the battle plan for the Battle at Winterfell

Yes, she broke the idiotic game plan that Jon had of waiting for the Night King and not using their dragons at all until he came. Wtf.

But Daenerys saw half of her army getting massacred (who have been with her since Season goddamn 1) and yes, she felt something and wanted to save them.

Remember when Jon did that? But on a much more idiotic scale because he charged after useless Rickon?

And then his whole army had to go and save his ass at Battle of the Bastards? Everyone praised him for being brave then, and when Daenerys does the same thing they grumble that she’s an idiot.

More fucking shit that she’s done

  • Freed an assload of slaves

  • Sacrificed her DRAGON to save Jon

  • Brought 3 dragons into this goddamn world

  • Ended slavery in a variety of cities

  • Created some of the most badass scenes in Game of Thrones

Phew, that was a load off.

I get that Sansa right now is more likeable than Daenerys. And of course, we all love the Starks. But I think collectively we need to give Daenerys a goddamn break and throw some respect on her name!

If you have any thoughts, tell me about them! I promise I won’t set you on fire.