What I'm Loving on the Internet: May 2019

Oooo baby, I love your way! Every day.” - Shannon McNamara, singing about the internet.

I love the internet. I also love to hate the internet at certain times, but hey, that’s what love is all about, right?

And I have to say, I get a bit nostalgic about what the internet used to be. Sleeping over at my grandparent’s house, staying up late to settle into the computer chair and wait for AOL to dial-up so I could log online. I think there’s something fun and romantic about the idea of “logging online” and waiting to see who else was on there. Like a little community you could come and go from, as you please.


But nowadays, you’re always online. The unusual thing is to unplug for even a day - let alone anything longer than 24 hours.

And sadly, I’m a sheep.

“Baaaa.” - Shannon McNamara, when asked if she uses the internet

But hey, the internet is mostly strange and wonderful! So to turn a negative into a positive (usually it’s the opposite here on Fluently Forward) I’m going to deliver a monthly blog post on my favorite recent internet treasures. Things I’ve found deep online, on Reddit, through internet black holes, and…most often…while high on mariJUANA, baby!

Here are my May 2019 Internet Favorites.

1. The astrology community

Are you into astrology? If you are, let me know, and let’s talk about it! I have a few blog post drafts in the works about this.

The astrology community (especially on Reddit) is just so wonderful. I don’t fully believe in Astrology (though I enjoy the hell out of it, and wish that I did fully believe in it) but I check out videos, forums, apps, and all of that about it.


During Mercury Retrograde, people comfort each other online in the community and share stories about the bad days they’ve been having. You can write in about how you’ve been feeling stress in certain areas, and people will educate you about transits currently taking place and reassure you that your feelings are normal.

I guess, in a certain way, astrology is just self-validation depending on what you look at and hone in on. But, what’s wrong with a little validation? It’s a great online community, and I really appreciate them (especially when my borderline ass is freaking out about small things in life).

2. The Hollow Earth theory


I know…I know. I’m a conspiracy theorist. I can’t be trusted. But hear me out because I don’t believe in this theory - but I do think it’s a cool one.

Certain people believe that the earth has a hollow center, and if you think about it, this idea has kind of been around since forever. We believe that heaven exists above us, and hell exists below us, which essentially would be inside of the earth’s core - hence, hollow earth theory.

Hollow Earth is a bit different though, because instead of a fiery pit of hell, they believe that the world existing inside of earth is a paradise.

image (1).jpg

A glorious place with perfect temperatures. People believe the land is rich, fertile, nutrient filled - and because of that, people living in Hollow Earth can live to be hundreds of years old, and taller than 10 feet! They also believe that certain animals grow to huge sizes, and species can exist in Hollow Earth that have died above the surface.

It’s said that the human species that exist in Hollow Earth are more advanced and intelligent than humans on earth - almost like a gentle, genius race similar to what we think Aliens would be like.

3. The theory that Hitler escaped into Hollow Earth

Okay, yes, this one is a bit more out there.

But people believe that Hollow Earth can be accessed by the North and South poles, and the Nazis had maps and detailed writing about this.


Some people believe that Hitler escaped, and travelled with Nazis into Hollow Earth, where he still lives today. Deadass, I’m serious! You can check it out online at places like gaia.com, this article especially.

This kind of takes away the theory that the people in Hollow Earth are a kind and intelligent, gentle race of people hahaha. But it’s fun to think about, the idea of people escaping into Hollow Earth.

(Except Hitler, fuck Hitler, if that wasn’t obvious I hope Hitler isn’t alive in Hollow Earth. Just to be clear.)

4. Furong City, China

I found this gif while browsing Reddit one night and probably watched it for a good six minutes. How cool does this place look? Honestly it looks otherworldly.

Perhaps…Hollow Earthy?

At any rate, this place is beautiful. Check it out below!

5. Stop motion laundry fight

The talent is unreal in this one! Talk about the joy of being able to see something on the internet. What this guy put together (below) is amazing. Check it out on his Vimeo channel!

6. Frida Kahlo’s lover Chavela Vargas

We all knew Frida Kahlo was too cool to be straight. But I didn’t know it, know it until this month.

Frida had an affair with the Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, and their photos together and letters written to each other are simply the things that dreams are made of.

You can check out this article for some more, as well as digging into Reddit posts about it.

Spoiler: their relationship was so passionate, that at one point, Frida said to Vargas, “I gave birth to you”.

7. Gal Gadot without makeup


Still insanely beautiful, right? But it’s wonderful to see insane beauty as well as minor flaws in the same photo. I’ve been feeling lately that the two are polar opposites, which makes living and existing around mirrors a pretty exhausting thing.

Also, eyebrow hairs sometimes move in different directions?! I had forgotten that reality due to Instagram - I’m glad this photo reminded me.

So, what internet tidbits and treasure troves are you discovering this month? Let me know! I’m always looking for an excuse to spend more time on the internet (not sarcastic).

Logging off,