Answering Your Questions: Part 2

Woohoo! I love answering questions, and I’m excited to get into the recent round. By the way, if you ever want to submit a question, you can do so here. It’s anonymous - but please feel free to sign your name or write something about yourself. I’d love to get to know you all better.

You've written a lot about how dating hasn't worked out, but what about how you date. Do you have a formula for like what each date should be? Like what's your style, how do you manage dating multiple people at once and what is that moment where you decide to go exclusive?

Haha this is a good point - for all the horror stories I write about on here I should include some examples of times when dating has worked out.

I’m a Myers Briggs ‘P’ so I never have a plan for…really anything in life. But there are a few necessities I need for a date, or a person that I’m seeing. 

First and foremost, witty fucking banter. Maybe it’s because I’m a gemini, or maybe it’s because I could talk to a rock for hours, but for someone to interest me and turn me on I need the mental sparring to be there. I love to flirt, I love to bounce ideas off someone and brainstorm. Having drinks at a wine bar as my date and I brainstorm inventions we could create, or grabbing dinner and making up fake backstories for everyone around us in the restaurant is my idea of a perfect time. 


If I can talk authentically and openly with someone, I can do anything with them, you know? I hear stories of couples who are dating for years, or even married, and they don’t talk about personal and vulnerable things with each other and that confuses the hell out of me. I think that should come first, I don’t think I could promise commitment to someone if we both hadn’t been vulnerable around each other. 

Regarding dating multiple people at once - it depends on your personal definition of “dating” but I don’t really date multiple people at once. I’ll date around casually, of course, for first or second dates, but once someone sparks me I’m fully hooked. It’s that idea of “it’s either hell yes or no” you know?

Will you get any more plastic surgery/cosmetic procedures in the future?

Great question - as of now, undecided! I could rattle off things I think about which would be another round of tear trough fillers, removing fat under my chin, lip injections, preventative botox, laser hair removal…all things I think about. 

But I took my time thinking about my nose before I got it done, it was something that was on my mind daily for a decade, and these other things don’t really find their way into my mind as much. 

If I hear of a good doctor and recommendation for botox or laser hair removal, etc, I might schedule an appointment, but nothing super pressing at the moment! 

If you could only shave one area of your body (legs, armpits, bush) for the rest of your life at the expense of the other areas growing rampantly, what would it be?

Hahaha fantastic question. First of all, literally all hair on my body is always growing rampantly so this is a hypothetical situation I would love to be in. 

The bush would be the first thing I would let grow, and that would probably be followed by my armpits. I love to wear dresses so I need those legs shaved, and years of suffering from excessive sweating (and then refusing to raise my hand in school so people couldn’t see my sweat stains) have trained me to never really show my armpits so I’m already well placed for this. Hell yeah. 


Who was the best person you ever dated, and why?

This one is honestly a stumper, which is why I’m putting it last haha. In terms of “best person” as in, they were truly a stand-up human being, I dated a good friend of mine after I graduated college and I still think he’s funny as hell, a great person, I can’t think of him more highly.

In terms of “best relationship” I would maybe say either my high school boyfriend or my college boyfriend because they were both long-term relationships that taught me a lot about love, myself, how I act in relationships and such.

And yes, my college boyfriend did some messed up stuff haha, but weirdly I look back on relationships as a whole, and while he did some stuff at a “-70” level, he also did hundreds of “100” level things so it adds up to like…83? If that makes sense?

Thank you for the questions!