Answering Your Questions

Hello, readers! Today’s blog post is going to be answering questions from my question box that have come in over the past few weeks.

The number of visitors on FluentlyForward have gone up 297% from February to March, and I am super in awe of that and happy that people are visiting here (and especially seem to enjoy the posts about dissociating and drinking…that’s my demographic, baby!)

So let’s get into it.

1. Why did you decide to get a nose job?

My nose job blog post has been in my que for literally months and months now - mainly because I’m thinking about making it into a video instead (it’s always fun to visually see before and afters of surgery, in my opinion).

I had been insecure about my nose since middle school, I thought it was too big (proportionally, especially, since the rest of my features are small) and while I think it’s amazing to heal from within, and not care about vanity, I had carried this insecurity with me for over a decade by the time I decided to get surgery - so I feel like I put in the necessary amount of time to think about it before deciding.

I’m super thankful that my family and friends all supported the decision - and my parents helped me heal, and were nice enough to look at me like I was a normal person when I did in fact look like Shrek for 2 weeks after surgery hahaha, I’m excited to share photos soon.

2. What quality do you wish more people had?

My immediate reaction is “I wish pedestrians were more self-aware” but I think that’s a first thought because it’s such a pet peeve of mine living in New York.

survive nyc

Honestly, I wish people were more open-minded, and less judgmental. Don’t get me wrong - I love to judge, but I think there’s a large difference between judging the Kardashians, and judging your friend for acting in a way you wouldn’t act. A lot of people get mad when people act differently than they do (I’m guilty of this too), and it’s something I think everyone could do with less of.

3. Do you ever get nervous being so open and personal with your blog posts?

Totally, sometimes. I have a rule that I don’t write about anything on here that I wouldn’t talk about in real life with people. I guess the flaw in that is that I talk about everything with people - nothing is off limits. I just think it’s weird to go through life only showing a surface level version of yourself that you know the general public will accept. Fuck the general public.

I’m young, and life is short, and we all piss and shit and have our hearts broken and to pretend like we don’t, and that stuff is crass to talk about - weirds me out. The way to connection is through authenticity and that happens when you share openly! That’s how I try to see it, at least.

4. What are your favorite boy and girl names (top 3 for each)

For boys, I like the names Brendan (my brother’s name), Alexander and Owen.

For girls I like Bridget (my best friend’s name), Maeve, and Tiffany.

5. What’s your current love life situation like?

Honestly I’m kind of just chilling, waiting to see what happens. I’ll swipe around when I’m bored, talk to people if I go out, but most nights I’m content to stay at home and play Heroes of Might and Magic. I think dating will be more of a priority to me when it gets warmer out (is that super lame?) but right now it’s just nesting season so I’m chilling! Been on a few dates recently but no one has sparked me hard.

6. If you had an extra hour in your day, how would you spend it?

This past Sunday I randomly woke up at 5:30 on my own, had some tea and did some blogging in bed with my window open. It was fucking great and if I had an extra hour I’d like to say I would do that every day but most likely I would watch YouTube for an extra hour and maybe jerk off? I’m horrible when it comes to setting priorities and following through on them.

7. What is your tattoo?

It’s tiny, just 3 lines on my middle finger! I’ll put in a picture of it below. I actually got it in honor of Bridget, who says that we can talk about “anything at any level” so those lines represent 3 different levels.

This was a fun post :)

Did you know that I used to actually have an advice blog back in high school? People would write in literally dozens of times in a week and I would give them my virgin ass advice in high school! I would literally advise people on sex when I didn’t even know what a handjob was. The power of the internet, huh?

Anyway, if you have a question, comment or suggestion feel free to submit it here. Everything is anonymous, of course, so if you do in fact want to write in a question about handjobs, go for it!

All the best,