I tried these clothing subscription services so you don't have to

I’m a sucker for Instagram advertisements. Every couple of months I take a break from Instagram, claiming that the influx of beautiful woman and poreless pictures are making me feel bad about myself, and while that’s all certainly true, another reason I try to stay off the platform is because I will buy any and every product they sling at me.

Food subscription services, the ‘comfiest bra you’ve ever tried’, makeup products, furniture, jewelry, skincare, you name it - I’ve bought it from an Instagram ad.

I’ve seen over the years the rise of the clothing subscription service. I believe it was Stitch Fix that first offered this (to my knowledge) and I heard people rave about these - and also complain about them - and after overhearing enough, I decided I wanted to try them for myself.

Here are the clothing subscriptions I’ve tried, and the good and bad parts of them all.

1. Le Tote

I’m putting Le Tote first on here, because this subscription is my favorite of all time. The difference between Le Tote and the majority of clothing subscriptions is that you get to choose what comes in your box. I adore online quizzes that determine your clothing style, or personalized stylists, but the truth is - wearing clothes is more complex than a 5 question quiz, and most of those stylists have hundreds of customers, and really don’t personalize your selections.

For $79 a month, you get to pick out a box of 5 clothing items, and 3 accessories (scarves, jewelry, bags and belts). Now, I know $79 seems like a lot (especially since if you want to buy any of the clothes, it’s added to that $79 - albeit at a discounted rate), but here is how Le Tote is totally worth it: it doesn’t come once a month.

The minute you get your Le Tote, you have the chance to return it. I’ve had totes where I love every outfit, and keep the tote for weeks, or sometimes I try on my clothes, don’t like them, and then ship it back that day (and get a new one 3 days later). If you play your cards right, you can order a tote, wear everything in it that week, ship it back, and have 4 totes in a month.

So essentially it’s $79 a month for 20 clothes, and 15 accessories. Fabulous deal!

Also, the customer service is incredible. If something ships late, or arrives flawed, they will give you credit like they’re giving out free samples, it’s wonderful (and keeps me as such a loyal customer). Also, sometimes they have massive sales on their clothing, so I’ll keep a Favorited List of all the clothes I’ve loved in my totes (but didn’t want to buy at full price), wait for the sale, and buy $100 blazers for $20, it’s honestly the most wonderful time of the year.

I’m happy to share that Le Tote is offering my readers a free first tote to try it out for themselves!

2. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix was the very OG subscription service - I believe early on in college was when I first heard about it. Stitch Fix is a bit different from Le Tote in that you don’t pick out the clothes yourself, you take a quiz and a stylist picks them out for you. This personalization costs $25 per box - but if you buy anything from your box (aka ‘fix’) then that $25 is absorbed into whatever you buy.

I tried this because I kept loving my Le Tote clothes and buying them, and thought Stitch Fix would basically be the same, but $25 cheaper each month.

Stitch Fix was okay. The customer service was great - once they sent me shoes when I asked for no shoes, and my next ‘fix’ was free. The amount of clothes they sent were great. It’s just that the clothes themselves…I really didn’t like. Everything looked like it came from Old Navy or Target, and I realized pretty quickly how Stitch Fix was able to make a profit - they were sending out cheap clothes.

Also, that $25 cost that I thought would be a discount from Le Tote actually turned out to be a killer. I wouldn’t like anything in my Fix, but figured buying an ugly $30 scarf made sense because otherwise I was out $25, so I ended up with clothes I was indifferent about, at a price that was way too high.


3. Trunk Club by Nordstrom

First, I need to be honest and say that I’m currently beefing with Trunk Club. I want to see my stylist fired and I’m in serious need of some customer comfort of which I am not receiving.

With that said, they’re probably my second choice to recommend.

Trunk Club works in a similar fashion to Stitch Fix - honestly almost exactly the same - but the difference is that it’s run by Nordstrom, and your Fix is actually a Trunk that comes every 6 weeks (about, you can change this slightly in your preferences) with double the amount of clothes. Also, if you’re a Nordstrom card holder, the $25 styling fee is free.

I like Trunk Club because the clothes are good quality, and unlike Stitch Fix where you have no idea what’s arriving every month, you get to see a ‘preview’ of your Trunk before it ships, and you have the option to approve clothes, or remove them (and ask your stylist to replace them). However, you only have one chance to do this.

Here’s where I fucking hate Trunk Club. Many times I will remove items from my trunk, and include a note like
”no shoes in this trunk” or “please no pants I already have enough” and items I removed will still be in my trunk or they’ll be replaced with, you guessed it, shoes and pants. Like jesus christ I’m paying $25 exactly for this to not happen. Just thinking about it makes me mad.

Trunk Club won’t ever offer you credit or reparations for this like Stitch Fix and Le Tote do. If you catch it in time (which, we shouldn’t have to do this, we’re literally paying a stylist to handle this shit for us) they will re-route the trunk back and get you a new one. But even then sometimes you still get the shitty trunk.

So fuck you Anne my annoying stylist who always tells me to call the customer service number when I complain about this. And honestly fuck you Nordstrom because you’re a huge company and you have the money to make me a satisfied customer and yet you’re sitting there jacking off in your ivory tower you stupid piece of cock!!!!

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten that out: don’t use Trunk Club. Otherwise I’ll have to hate you too.

There are a few other options out there like Frank and Oak, or Rent the Runway, that catch my eye and make me want to subscribe. But after trying these 3, I’m confident that I’ll be a proud Le Tote member probably until my last breath (and for the record, my last breath might be cursing the name of Trunk Club).

Are there any clothing subscription services that are fantastic, and I haven’t mentioned? If so, let me know!

Trying it on,