What blog posts do you want?

This week’s blog post is about how I don’t know if there’s going to be a blog post. I used to post 3 times a week or more on here! How the hell was I doing that?

Just to update you on Shannon’s life, my sister and her husband are moving to Denver in 2 weeks, my roommate is moving to Denver in 1 month, and honestly it’s pretty rude that people are moving to Denver because I basically just got here.

So my butt has been focused on finding a new roommate, crushing it at work, trying to go to the gym, traveling to Miami, Orlando and Houston, you know, just some general stuff that keeps you busy from waking up to passing out.

But ladies and gentleman I am stunted. I have so many blog posts in my que and I want to know which ones are most sought after, so here’s a list:

  • How to guess your boyfriend’s password (I’ve literally done this with 3 different guys, I am a goddamn genius and want to share my tips)

  • The 29 Guys I Swipe Left On (and why)

  • Let’s Talk About Lying

  • My Favorite Quotes

  • The effective way to act when you don’t like your best friend’s boyfriend

  • How to hack Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you make the most of online stalking

  • What to do if you have sweaty feet (seriously)

  • My Nose Job story (this one has been a draft for a year)

  • Blind items about my exes

  • How to deal with judgement as a chronic over sharer

Stuff I google, and horoscope types, and how to tell if you’re a crazy ex girlfriend and I have all of these as damn drafts but I just can’t write them.

So I’m calling on you, my lovely perfect blog readers.

I need to know what you want! In a totally cool, not desperate way, but also yes I am desperate.

Submit in there what you want to read, what topics you want covered, I need a little love on this fire before it burns out and dies and I promise you - this weekend will be full of me rolling joints, sipping on coffee, and typing the best goddamn blog posts known to man about ______________. And you decide what it is!

Much love,