Xanax With No Prescription: Your Guide To Eastern Medicine Anxiety Relief

I recently tweeted about how one of my most frequent Google searches is for an eastern medicine version of Xanax. I’m incredibly interested in eastern medicine, but the truth of it is, I just can’t get my hands on a Xanax prescription. Damn it all to hell.

(I could see a psychiatrist for one but I already spend nearly $200 a week on a therapist and I just can’t be bothered, you know?)

After enough research, and conversations with a homeopathic family friend who specializes in this area, I have found the answer(s), and I’m very excited to share them with you.

Sorry, did I say excited? That’s for next week’s blog post on eastern medicine versions of Adderall.

Right now I’m super chilled out to share these findings with you.

1. Four Sigmatic: Reishi Elixir

Four Sigmatic is an incredible brand that I was introduced to by Zara Barrie through her AnxieTea podcast (I’m fully, deeply in love with Zara by the way, and one day want to rack up the nerve to try and meet her). Four Sigmatic makes coffees, teas, and elixirs from different strains of mushrooms. They’re all about the science of mushrooms, the types of them, and the more I looked into what they do, the more I thought “fuck, mushrooms are awesome, they have so many healing qualities, and there’s still so much more to find out about them”.

Their Reishi Elixir is my liquid Xanax. And don’t worry - it tastes nothing like actual mushrooms. It comes in a hot cocoa mix (it’s not gluten free, for my celiac readers) and helps to promote sleep, so I drink it before bed.

To be honest - it doesn’t help me fall asleep. For me, the benefit comes in two other versions.

First, I get super chilled out. Literally, Xanax chilled. Just a haze of feeling good, being in the moment, and letting the ‘noise’ of anxiety slip away. It’s wonderful.

Secondly, when I do fall asleep, I sleep like a rock. Through the night, no problem. And the absolute best part is that when I wake up, I feel 110% rested. I have never had the desire to hit snooze the morning after I drink Reishi…honestly I’m thinking about it and I’m close to shedding a tear. It’s wonderful.

Also, if you use Zara’s code of “ANXIETEA” you’ll get a discount!


2. Rescue Remedy

To find this remedy, head into the homeopathic section of a Whole Foods, or local health food store. This “Rescue Remedy” is made from a brand called Bach that specializes in creating remedies from flowers. Dr. Edward Bach believes that flowers in nature have the ability to affect our emotions, and created 36 different blends of flowers to help us manage our emotions.

Rescue Remedy comes in a spray, and something that looks like hard candies, but I use the liquid version. Just a few drops (3-7) under your tongue, or in a glass of water that you drink. Be warned - it doesn’t taste super great. It tastes like you’re drizzling a bit of tequila under your tongue, so I recommend putting it in a shot glass of water and taking it that way.

But this works in 30 seconds. If I’m having an anxious spell, or crazy thoughts are running around my head, I put a few drops under my tongue and immediately I’m tranquil and wandering thoughts fade away. I keep this with me in my purse at all times, and if work gets stressful or something happens, I can find my ‘rescue’ in under a minute!


I first want to note, that this will only work for 20% of the population (roughly). ASMR, also known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a pleasurable feeling of relaxation that one gets from listening to satisfying sounds. You can also get this from watching satisfying visuals (like calligraphy, or Bob Ross painting) or maybe from personal attention (a doctor giving you a physical exam, or a psychic performing a tarot card reading).

I forgive the internet for all horrible things it’s capable of, purely because ASMR exists online. Type ASMR into Youtube, and check out some of these videos for yourself to see if you enjoy them.

Now, be warned. Some people find these videos creepy, and some don’t like the whispering ones, or the chewing sounds (I personally hate those) so I’m going to link below a video that I think most everyone would like as your introduction to ASMR.

Listen to (with good quality headphones if you can!) and watch that 1 minute preview, and let me know if you’re chilled out after.

I’m way too antsy to meditate, but watching these ASMR videos is so wonderful for me, and they have the same exact effect. I’m put into a completely relaxed trance, my heart rate slows, my breaths are deeper, and the typical tightness of anxiety that I feel is loosened. I’m crossing my fingers that you experience ASMR as well, because it really is such a joy!

4. L-Theanine


L-Theanine first came onto the screen when Taylor Swift mentioned in a recent interview that she takes it to control her anxiety. Taylor Swift could say that she eats her own shit and there’s a strong chance I would start going to the bathroom with a fork in hand - that’s how much I love Taylor Swift and want to emulate her.

L-Theanine helps both the physical and mental effects of stress by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. Studies have also shown that L-Thenanine can increase your focus and attention span (damn maybe this should go in my “Adderall With No Prescription” blog post).

So what is L-Theanine? It’s an amino acid found in tea leaves (most typically you can find this in green tea). It boosts levels of GABA and other ‘calming’ brain chemicals, while lowering your ‘excitable’ brain chemicals.

There are in fact, real names for these chemicals, but I don’t remember what they are, so I’m giving you the ELI5 version.

You can pick up supplements of this pill, or find certain brands of tea that have this in them!

5. Lavender Essential Oil Roll On

This one might be personal to me, but I’m a highly sensitive person which means that certain sounds, visuals, and smells can trigger my anxiety. (I have misophonia, tripophobia…sometimes just walking to work in Manhattan can piss me off).

A certain graphic or texture can spook me and make my skin crawl with anxiety. Certain sounds send me into an irritable rage. And certain smells make me feel anxious, nauseous and sick.

I like to keep a roller bottle of essential oil with me so I can casually open it, sniff, and breathe in - all while handling this on the streets of New York and not drawing attention to myself.

People in Medieval Times used to carry little purses filled with flower and other good smelling shit to keep with them as they walked outside of the castle - so when they walked by dead bodies and feces they could bring this up to their nose and breathe in the good smells.


Pick the essential oil that you prefer best - but Lavender has been proven to relax the body (which is why you smell it a lot in the waiting rooms of spas), and keep this with you to sniff when you feel anxiety creeping up on you.

Now, this is not a drug free blog in the slightest. If you have anxiety - you will need Xanax. And Xanax fucking works, every time. Talk to a doctor, and get the medicine you need! Breathing exercises, and all of these tips will help ease your anxiety.

But if you’re going through trauma, or really spiraling into anxiety, don’t ever be afraid to go to a doctor and tell them what’s going on. Most urgent care places will prescribe Xanax in small doses (I have this done when I’m traveling), so you can always seek relief anywhere you are.

Just going into urgent care, say that you’re traveling and not by your primary care doctor, and explain your anxiety or stressful situation, and they most likely will give you a 7 day supply of Xanax. It might not be cheap - but it’s relief, and there’s my true life-hack for getting Xanax.

And if you’re looking to ease off of the meds like I am (or too nervous to talk to a doctor about it) try some of these tips, and others, and see if they help you move the needle in any way!

Wishing you all the best, and a relaxing rest of your day,