8 Creative Drinking Games You Probably Haven't Tried Yet

Oh, how I adore a good drinking game. I love games of all kinds - sports games, computer games, I’m even privy to playing mind games from time to time. Games just spice up life.

Drinking games are wonderful, but I’ve noticed recently that a few main games are circling the rounds as the only games that people know how to fucking play! If I have to play King’s Cup one more time I think I’ll be pushed to swear off drinking entirely. Leave the monogamy for relationships - let’s include some variety in our pregames.

So I’ve created a list of my favorite drinking games throughout time that are guaranteed to turn your typical pregame into something memorable. Without further ado…

1. The Judgement Game (aka “Most Likely”)

No one is safe from this game, and I love it. Here’s how it works.

Write down questions on pieces of paper about someone’s hypothetical past, present, or future. For example:

  • Most likely to have lost their virginity earliest

  • Who has the most STDs currently

  • Who will one day be in a political position of power

  • Person who would fall in love with a cult leader

And so on, and so forth. Throw these pieces of paper into the middle, and read them one by one. When you’re done reading the first question, count down “3…2….1” and everyone points to the person they think the paper applies to. Whoever has the most fingers pointed in their direction has to take a drink. If it’s a tie - both people drink. No single right answer? Everyone drinks. 100% of fingers on one person? They have to take a shot.

This game is best to play with people you know on a friendly level - if it’s someone you just met it gets a bit awkward because you’re pointing and accusing people you were introduced to five minutes ago. But on the plus side - the awkwardness will lead you to drink more so…mission accomplished?


2. Cardboard Continent

Yes, I made the name of this up! I’m not sure what it’s called officially - but this is a fun one.

You’ll need materials for this - a cardboard box, a coin, and a pen/sharpie. Grab your nearest Amazon delivery box you haven’t recycled yet, or order a pizza if you can’t find cardboard in the house.

Now, each person in the group draws a shape on the box and writes their name in it (but make sure you don’t cover the cardboard - leave empty space). Go around in a circle and toss the coin onto the box. If it lands on someone’s name - they have to drink. If it lands on an empty space, then grab the sharpie, and create a new shape, with a new rule inside of it (take a shot, text your ex, everyone takes a shot, etc).

Continue the game with either a drink or a new rule for each turn, and keep going until the cardboard is filled!

3. Lemon

I first started playing this game as a kid, and it wasn’t really a drinking game, but now that I’m of the legal drinking age it totally makes a great drinking game.

Spin a bottle, or rock paper scissors, any option to pick someone in the group. Lock eyes with them, and say the weirdest, most sexual sentence you can think of. Whoever laughs first has to take a shot, and if neither person laughs you have to take a drink.

I call this ‘lemon’ because back in the day, whoever laughed the easiest at these sentences had to ask a waiter for a lemon, cover it in sugar, and stuff the whole thing in their mouth and chew. I know, weird, but I was like nine years old at the time…it was the weirdest punishment we could fathom back then.

4. Self Awareness

I found this one on Reddit and fucking love it. Have one member of the group leave the room, and all the other members confer and and agree on what their most significant personal problem is.

Have the member come back into the room, and guess on what the party has said for them. If they get it wrong, they have to take a drink.

I work too much? Drink

I haven’t gotten over my ex? Drink

And you continue until someone blacks out, cries, or reaches full Nirvana of understanding!


5. Photographer

Randomly designate different people throughout the night to be the “photographer”, who will take a photo at any time, as they see fit. Anyone who isn’t in the photo has to take a shot, so it’s a great way to get photos of the night while also getting drunk. And forcing camera shy people to either be on camera or be faced!

6. Buffalo

Once you learn the rules of this game, you’re officially playing! The rules are simple.

A gentleman should always have his right hand free at social events so he can shake hands with members of the party. If you catch someone holding their drink in their right hand, call buffalo, and the person has to finish their drink - whether it’s a shitty cheap beer or 80 dollars worth of scotch in their glass. If the person doesn’t know the game, you have to explain the game to them and finish your own drink.

7. Roulette

This was always a classic way to get drunk in college. I remember a girl named Molly Jones introduced this game to our gang.

Put a bunch of shot glasses on the table, and fill all of them with water, except for one glass that has vodka in it. Mix them around, and have everyone take a shot without sniffing or tasting. Every time I’ve played this game, the person who hates shots the most ends up with consecutive vodka shots - it’s beautiful.

8. Piano Man

  1. Play Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”

  2. When Billy Joel is singing, you’re singing

  3. When Billy Joel isn’t singing, you’re chugging

Oh, and if you’ve played these drinking games but still aren’t in the mood to go out? Check out my blog post on how to pre-game your mood so you’re ready for a night on the town.

Have any other fun drinking games that I haven’t listed here? Let me know what they are, and I’ll add them to the post! I’m always game to try out a new drinking game…in the name of my blog, of course.