Expensive But Worth It: 6 Things You Should Shell Out For

Someone wise once said, “you need to spend money to make money,” and I have taken that to heart like a god damn commandment.

I alternate between being frugal and spending to excess - usually a cycle of spending money, crying over my bank account, being a nun with money for the next 2 weeks, and then repeating the cycle all over again. Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. It teaches me that I can live a fine life spending next to nothing, and it also indulges me in the need of every natural human to ball out.

Granted, I ball out online at ASOS, the thrift store by my house, and Whole Foods. I’ve never stepped inside Barney’s, I still think of it as a mythical store dreamed up of by Gossip Girl.

Nevertheless, allow my excessive spending be of some use to you! Here are 7 things that I fully am proud of spending the big bucks on. They’re meaningful, effective….and sure, a bit pricey. But damn are they worth it.


Let me first get the price out of the way: it’s $43 for this Shower Cap.

Shannon, you fiscally irresponsible weirdo, why did you spend $43 on a shower cap?” you might be thinking. You’d be wrong. I spent $86 on two SHHHOWERCAPS. I like them that much.

The need for a good shower cap might just pertain to myself and my thick hair, but as more and more research comes out that shampooing your hair is ‘bad,’ I find people are turning to dry shampoo and shower caps to extend the length of their blowouts.

I have always had thick, unmanageable hair that would frizz and puff at even the slightest exposure to steam or heat, so I wear shower caps for most of my showers. And we can all agree that shower caps suck. It’s like saran wrap had drunk sex with a ziploc bag and came out this monstrosity of a child. It’s flimsy, weak, doesn’t do the damn job it’s supposed to do, and you look weird wearing most any shower caps.

The founder of SHHHOWERCAP got that. And her reasoning for why she started the company actually made me tear up when I read it. These shower caps do 110% of the job, look chic, and make me feel like a bathing goddess when I use them. They work, period. Nothing gets in - no water, no heat. And I mean…look at them.


2. The Equinox, my dudes: $250(ish)

I know, you’ve heard this one before. Everyone raves about the Equinox, but everyone also knows how insanely expensive it is. It’s why I didn’t go for years. I was into Barre, then I joined a real gym, then I did ClassPass, then I did OrangeTheory, then I was a Soul Cycle/Cyc/FlyWheel girl…I’ve done it all. (And honestly, maybe that’s a blog post right there).

I rolled my eyes at the Equinox and scoffed at how people could pay hundreds of dollars a month just because their towels smelled like Eucalyptus. I thought it was ridiculous.

But then, a co-worker’s partner worked at the Equinox, and offered one of their yearly deals (hint: it so helps to sign up at the right time, aka right before the New Year) and bam, I was in.

As someone who has always detested working out, I now find joy in going to the gym fucking daily. The towels fucking really do smell like eucalyptus! Every inch of the place is clean, the locker rooms are soothing and gorgeous. They have Kiehl’s products in the showers, and fancy lotion, and shower caps (although yes, I do bring my own shhhowercap) and razors and marble tiles cover every shower from floor to wall.

Since I joined - I have showered at my apartment once. True story.

I adore using the steam room, popping in for classes, and grabbing a juice after a workout. The entire experience feels personally curated and elegant, and when I come out of the gym and walk back to my apartment a miracle happens - it’s the one time of day when Manhattan pedestrians don’t piss me off. That’s worth more than $250. I fucking love it.

3. Dr. Dennis Gross Daily Peel: $88

My sister has recommended to me about a hundred products over the years. Some of them we both adore and obsess over, and some of them I absolutely hate. Honestly, I should have Megan write a guest post on here, she has thousands of recommendations for any area of your life you could think of.

But her latest recommendation, Dr. Dennis Gross’ Daily Peel, has blown me away. If you’re a normie like me, you probably fall into the range of “average”. Despite what Instagram does to our mental health - believe it! Most of us are average. And that’s totally okay.

My skin is average. Like anyone else in the world, I have pores, fine lines, sun spots, imperfections, but I would qualify my skin most days as ‘good enough’. Can’t complain, but also can’t be super excited about.

Dr. Dennis Gross takes my skin to that fuck yeah level, fucking finally. This peel comes in 2 packets, the first one you wipe all over your face, it tingles for a bit, and then you wait 2 minutes (Megan recommends brushing your teeth during this time). Then, you rub the second pad all over your face for some nice relief, and put on moisturizer after. Your skin is smooth as ever, it blends your skin tone, and makeup goes on perfectly after. It’s heaven sent! I used to always wear bb cream or some foundation to work, and now I don’t have to.

4. Four Sigmatic Reishi Tea: $20

If I could urge anyone to buy anything from this post, it would be Reishi Tea. First of all, it’s the cheapest at $20. I’m only including it on this blog because I use Reishi nightly, so it can add up after a while. (Fortunately, Four Sigmatic offers a subscription option to help with that).

Four Sigmatic is this epic company that harnesses the power of mushrooms. Not the mushrooms that make you trip, not the ones that come in your pasta, but somewhere right in between. Because baby, these have power.

The different types of tea that this company offers is made from different strains of mushroom, and the Reishi strain is best taken before bed. I drink this a half hour/hour before bed (it tastes literally like hot chocolate - so don’t worry, no mushroom taste), it relaxes me, and I always drift into a sleep with very vivid dreams. To be honest, it doesn’t make me fall asleep. But 100% of the time, I wake up with zero need to snooze. I almost always wake up before my alarm. And let me tell you, that happened once a year before I drank Reishi. It’s completely changed my mornings, and I highly suggest you try some!


5. Tear Trough Fillers: price ranges

I’ve already wrote a blog post about this that I suggest you check out, but I am a huge advocate for tear trough fillers. They’re a tiny change that make everyone look better.

I’m including this for this blog post because normally I would have put here an expensive makeup or beauty product that works for me. I have my holy grail of mascara, and other items, but when it comes to concealers, or under eye creams, just get tear trough fillers instead.

If you’re against plastic surgery, then feel free to shell out the yearly funds on creams and plumpers and concealers and foundation for the area under your eye, but I truly believe money is best well spent in that area getting a few tiny injections and taking your look to a drastically better arena.

Check out her YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwxuaay8QPo

Check out her YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwxuaay8QPo

6. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones: $350

I fucking love my Bose headphones. I suffer from misophonia (blog post coming soon) where certain noises and sounds put me into a hulk-like rage for inexplicable reasons that even scientists are currently puzzled over. I’m an overly sensitive person, baby! And while that is great for some reasons (experiencing ASMR), it doesn’t bode well for walking through the streets of Manhattan on my way to work.

Enter: these beautiful bluetooth headphones. They block out the noise of the rest of the world, they offer insane sound quality, and they just are fucking worth it. I’ve blocked out the noise of sirens in these. I once listened to ASMR with these and experienced a full 15-second body shiver. They’re unreal. And they help me so much with my misophonia that I’m tempted to submit the receipt to my health insurance and try to get some money back on it.

So there you have it! Six products that are worth the splurge - treat yo’ self 2019.

Honestly, this post has me ramped up and go spend some more money in the name of blogging, but I’m going to try and reign it in. If you have any products that you think are worth the splurge, let me know! I’d love to give them a try.

Best of the best,