My positive blog post of happy things <3

The other day, a friend remarked to me over drinks that my blog was…I forget the word he used, but basically, ‘negative’. I talk a lot about things that I don’t like, and I fail to talk about the things that I enjoy.

“And the surprising thing is,” he had said, “you’re not like that in person at all.”

I thought about this, and mentally scrolled back in my mind through my previous blog posts. Why I hate turmeric, quirky girls on Instagram, stories of ex boyfriends…even in my post about vegan cheese I spend a majority of copy talking about which vegan cheeses sucks, and dedicate less time to the cheeses that are great.

Holy shit. Am I a negative person?

I’m clinging desperately to his “you’re not like that in person” bit, and hoping that it’s true. But at any rate, it’s good introspection, and to balance it out I want to present a list of things that I do like, and things that make me happy.

Things :) that make! me so happy <3 yay!!!

1. @newearth.mama on Instagram

I know I rag a lot about Instagram, and how people use it, and how fake it is - so I want to start with a shoutout to Emma, aka newearth.mama.

She’s a mother of three beautiful (literally, ethereal) children and lives in Australia. Her (and all of her children) are plant based, her kids have beautiful white-blonde hair, and wear the coolest little hippie outfits you’ve ever seen. But she isn’t Instagram-hippie, she’s truly spiritual and amazing. She posts about horoscopes, and auras, spirit animals and past lives. All of the things I love to soak up and read about, and the way she speaks on these topics and lives her life always makes me wonder how I can do less.

What do I need less of in my life? How can I strive to be more present and in the moment? How can I spend less money, but spend more quality time? Most Instagram influencers have you asking yourself very different questions as you scroll through their feeds haha, but Emma is fantastic and I suggest you give her a follow.

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 2.24.18 PM.png

2. The “Crazy” music video by Aerosmith

This music video speaks to my god damn soul.

The song is whatever, and the fact that Steven Tyler cast his daughter in this is a bit…weird, to say the least…but the music video is Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler being young, wild Lolitas in the 90’s and it’s perfect.

I especially love this because it reminds me of a friendship I had with a girl in high school. I feel like every girl has that one special friendship that borders on bi-curious, right? Or is it just me? Anyway, the video makes me feel nostalgic for her and all of the trouble we used to get into (once I ran away from home and she tried to have me live in her closet so I wouldn’t have to go home. That’s a blog post for another time though. Looking back on it though that’s quite a metaphor though, right? To be put in a closet by a girl you have feelings for? Haha.)

Anyway, go watch the music video!

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3. ASMR fuck yeah, fucking yeah!

If you’re a fellow Internet Addict like myself, then you’ve definitely heard of ASMR before. It was recently featured in a SuperBowl commercial, so if you’re wondering why you felt so relaxed by a recent beer commercial, check out the link.

ASMR can be described in many different ways, but this is how I describe it.

You know the feeling you get when you watch someone writing calligraphy? Or when you see Bob Ross painting? Or those soothing videos on Instagram where someone is frosting a cake? That’s basically visual ASMR. But true ASMR is when you get those feelings from sounds.

There’s many different types of ASMR out there: tapping sounds, whispering, role plays, hair brushing, people chewing (which I fucking hate and don’t consider ASMR), microphone brushing, and more. Just go on YouTube and type ASMR and you’ll probably connect with one of these types of videos. Fair warning though, some people find it ‘super creepy’ and not at all relaxing.

I’ve experienced ASMR since I was a kid. Certain doctors voices, or teachers, or friends, would set me into a deep relaxed trance when I listened to them. It’s like a drug. I especially love listening to people with Russian or German accents. No joke, I get weirdly relaxed when Putin speaks. Not many can say that.

I don’t even know how to explain it myself, and science is being done (lol at me talking about science as something that is “done” or “not done”) on why and how people experience ASMR, but I have to say that I’m incredibly grateful I experience this. I listen to ASMR at work, walking around the city, before bed…literally whenever. Give it a shot and let me know if you like it!

4. Calvin and Hobbes comic books

I adore Calvin and Hobbes comic books. They basically defined my childhood. I have every single one of the comic books, and adore them because they’re a perfect combination of philosophy and humor. They also feature Normal Rockwell-esque childhood, with Calvin dragging his feet to school, wanting to always play outside (when was the last time you ‘played outside’? or ‘played’ in general?), and being wildly excited when heavy snow cancelled school.


I especially love strips like the above, where Hobbes and Calvin sit and wonder about the universe, our purpose here, and usually end their moments of wondering focusing on how life is best at its most simple.


Now that I’m focusing on it, I’m thinking of a million things I like. I like when the sky changes color, and it’s so incredible that you just have to sit back for a moment and appreciate it. I like riding in the passenger seat with my friend Nicole as she speeds on the highway. I like teaching myself to play guitar, and the feeling of success when I master a certain chord or song. I like towels warm right out of the dryer, and I like making homemade pesto. I like giving my things away to charity, and then I like going out and buying more materials goods for myself. I like reading horrible, trashy books about vampire romance. I like cable knit scarves and girly purses. I like purple painted toenails and pink painted fingernails.

I’m kind of wondering now why I don’t spend time writing about these things. I think subconsciously, I think that people are more drawn to the negative, the bitchy and the gossipy. But that’s horrible, isn’t it?

Anyway, this was a fun post to write - I think every week I’m going to try and write a very positive, happy post about something I truly enjoy.


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