Why do Liberals and Conservatives Despise Political Moderates?

Apologies in advance for the disgusting title. I'm on a cleanse right now and typing that sentence is the quickest way to expel everything in my body.

But, let's get into it. Because while the title is not true and frankly absurd to me, in today's world, a title like that makes it into major news media outlets so obviously something very wrong is going on.

I'll start with a statement, that here in San Francisco is seen as more of a confession: I am not liberal.

I'm also not conservative, but the odd thing is that nowadays if you say you aren't liberal you're automatically viewed as a hard-core conservative. For a political ideology that believes there are more than 2 genders, I'm frankly pretty confused by this. 

I am a moderate. I'm very much in the middle. Zedd's new song with that Maren Morris girl is basically an anthem of my political preference. I've voted 3rd party, Democrat, and Republican for a variety of different votes in my lifetime, but for some reason, this political variety makes people more mad than if I had the complete opposite viewpoint of theirs. 

I'm basically this girl from the old taco commercial, but everyone around me is sincerely not into tacos and in fact hates the taco and the taco is a wasted vote, did the taco know that? 

Also, me when I see an incredibly attractive boy and girl

Also, me when I see an incredibly attractive boy and girl

I think it's great, to a point, that people are into politics. Personally, I don't understand the appeal. I don't have a lot of faith in the U.S. government, I absolutely hate the two-party system, and it's hard for me to be very dedicated and committed to something that I don't have that much confidence in. 

I find it absolutely insane that people nowadays use a political party affiliation as something that describes them.

I've seen people use their political party as a description in "about me" on dating apps, as a reason to throw a party, as a Slack channel, you name it. I'm thinking back to only 10 years ago, when it wasn't like this, and I'm like how did we get here? 

I still remember a 'controversial' post I made after the election that was about The Sims.

Yup, this game right here

Yup, this game right here

After the election happened, and Trump was voted President, it's pretty safe to say that there was a big reaction. I was hearing horrible things from people on both sides, calling people racist on one side, enjoying the "liberal tears" from another, I mean it was all messed up. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 2.40.30 PM.png

So this was it. My controversial status. Keep it mind: it's about the fucking Sims. The message here is that people are being dicks to each other online, and that The Sims is fun to play, and don't be an asshole. I thought it was tame. 

Apparently it was super offensive. But only to liberals. 

Which is weird, because if you read it correctly, I don't call attention to any political party. 

Feel free to skim the following responses because they're all pretty insane. 

That's right, I was "belittling" people with my Sims reference

That's right, I was "belittling" people with my Sims reference

Yes, I obviously want people with political differences to high five! That was 100% the entire point of my status.

Yes, I obviously want people with political differences to high five! That was 100% the entire point of my status.

I tell you what to feel because obviously I am god

I tell you what to feel because obviously I am god

And there was more but I don't want to get into it. (These are Top 3).

This is insane, right? I didn't vote for Trump. I don't like him. I actively dislike him, in fact I'm pretty sure it might be hate. But because I didn't vote for Hillary, I am now responsible for any doomsday scenario that happens under Trump? That's completely unfair, and so illogical it's actually almost humorous. 

I don't eat peanut butter. I like jelly, and I eat that. So why are you saying that I'm responsible for the soaring sales of margarine? 

I don't support Hillary. I don't support Trump. I'm not responsible for what either of them do because I didn't vote for either of them. Since when did being unsatisfied with presidential candidates mean that you actively want citizens to suffer? Why am I not allowed to remove myself from this entire scenario?

And the joke of it is, nearly half of the country doesn't vote. But no one points the finger at them. Instead it's the libertarian voters, the green party, who is all to blame when an election falls just a few points short. 

Granted, maybe I just have some shitty Facebook friends. But I see this everywhere.

A few months after the election, I went out on a first date here in San Francisco. The guy tried to get political, and I told him, "I don't really do politics."

"Why? Like how can you just 'not do' politics?" he said. 

"I don't know," I trailed, trying to remind him that this was a first date, "I just don't have a lot of faith in the government, you know? I wish it worked. But every time I'm at the DMV, or post office, or hear about food stamps...it's just never a well-run operation."

He put his drink down. 

"Give me 3 reasons why food stamps don't work," he said. 

And then I left. He texted me an apology after, but I chalked it up to 'one of the worst dates ever' and never responded.

I'm just over it, you know? I'm over being asked for my opinion and then berated when it isn't what someone wanted to hear. I don't know what to tell you! I have my own opinions, go figure. I'm just over it at this point. 

I'm a period cup wearing vegan, who dates both men and women, and started a non-profit back in 2008 to educate women in Tanzania. I obviously care about the environment, gay rights, and social issues because I actively participate in them with my voice, my actions, and my wallet. But because I didn't vote for HRC, people believe that I'm against these issues, or I "don't care" or I need to "try and have empathy" (still fucking pissed about that one).

You know what truly doesn't matter, in my opinion? Your political party affiliation. What does matter is your words, and your actions. That's much more telling. 

But the worst part in all of this seems to be that this isn't going away anytime soon. It seems like we live in a world now where opinions are fact, and mob mentality is so strong and present that I truly think people literally get off to having others "canceled" for thinking incorrectly. Sorry, "problematically".

You can't change anyone's thinking. And I used to think about that in terms of the liberals and conservatives incessantly tweeting to each other, but now I think about it in a larger scale. You might not agree with my post, and I can't change that. You can't change my mind about thinking this way, either. We all think what we will think, and the sooner you accept that it truly takes a load off.


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