Boys: Why do you view my Instagram stories but not like my photos?

Hi Boys,

It’s me, Shannon. I’ve noticed that you view all of my Instagram stories, literally all of them. Even if I’m out drunk with Bridget in a Jean Ralphio t-shirt making stupid jokes and racking up a 3:25 minute long Instagram story, you view all of it

But when I post a photo, chirp chirp. (That is the sound of crickets)
(I’m at a bar writing this blog post…I’m a tad bit tipsy)

Why do you not like my photos? Why do you always view my Instagram stories?  

Liking my photo takes about .8 seconds. Viewing my Instagram stories – even if you tap all the way through without watching – takes at least 1.5 seconds.


Is the Instagram algorithm hiding my photos from you? Do you not see them? Or do you actually see them, but never like them?

It’s a bit weird to have 150+ people view my Instagram stories, but racking up 11 likes on a photo is a good day (and most of those 11 likes come from my family members).

Also, I know that I’m not alone in the search for this answer! Many a female has asked this!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. I am not being petty and ‘have nothing better to do with my life than ask a stupid question like this’. I am, in actuality, a cultural anthropologist who is on the brink of a discovery about how the male population interacts on the most popular social media platform of all time.

But I still don’t know what the answer for this is. I’m honestly asking.  

I’m talking to you, Aaron! Guy from Google that I went out on 3 dates with. And you, Mish! Guy from DC that I also dated briefly. I’m talking to the guy I dated 6 years ago in Houston, and the guys from work back in San Francisco that I haven’t talked to in a year.

Please like my photos. Or tell me why you aren’t liking them. It’s driven me to a blog post, so clearly I gots to know!!