4 things to do if you hate my blog

The fact that everyone has different tastes and preferences aside, there's a strange new trend coming about (mostly on Twitter) where we are all incredibly critical of most things we come across. It's definitely much cooler to hate something than to love it, and being critical of something is even cooler than that. It means you have taste. You know what is good, and most importantly, what isn't. And a lot of stuff isn't.

You are a critic, but you could do so much more! I know you hate this shitty piece-of-ass blog but if I may, direct you to one further post. 

Here are some things you can do if you absolutely hate my blog. 

1. Turn it into a drinking game

Most drinking games now are tired, and you need a pack of cards for about 80% of them. But everyone has their phone on them nowadays so voila: just pull up my blog! Take a drink for every sentence I write that makes you groan, give a drink to your friend for every title idea that you cringe at! Within 1 or 2 posts I guarantee you'll be ready to party, and you can begrudgingly thank FluentlyForward before you head out into the night and get wild. 

2. Tell other people not to read my blog

This is a great idea! You can do this in so many ways: tell people to stay away on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, even Yelp. You could make my blog into a restaurant and then say it gave you diarrhea. Honestly, maybe the writing is so bad that it physically did. 

Just make sure that when you warn all these people not to read my blog, you include the URL. It's www.fluentlyforward.com thank you.

3. Make a blog about how much you hate my blog

I'll even help you out with some name titles


But please feel free to get creative with it yourself - I mean after all why take the advice of a writer from a blog that's this bad ?

4. Rickroll people with my blog

maxresdefault (1).jpg

As a critic, you know that Rickrolling used to be super fresh, but is getting significantly unfresh over time. It's almost as unfresh as the food I serve on here that gave you diarrhea. Spice things up by Rickrolling people right to my blog instead of that "Never Gonna Give You Up" situation

I hope you do continue to stick around and read here! If not, no hard feelings, I completely understand. Just make sure to follow one of the 4 options above before you leave for good. 

Hope you change your mind,

MiscShannon McNamara