Quirky girls on Instagram bug the shit out of me

There's a specific type of girl I'm talking about. 

She's naturally pretty, thin, usually shoots with one of those cool cameras that aren't digital, regularly hangs out on rooftops, makes wearing knee-high socks look like a normal accessory, has great skin, might play the guitar, probably knows how to skateboard, posts a lot on Instagram, talks about how much she likes to "nom" on food that makes most people fat, and lastly, she bugs the ever living shit out of me.

First let me say, I'm not talking about one person specifically (to be honest, there are like 5 people I'm thinking of.)

They're beautiful, without trying, and if that wasn't annoying enough in itself, they're almost always posting photos where they look "bad" (but they never look bad) and then pairing it with some quirky caption about how they love meatballs so much or they tried to catch a frog today or something like that. 

Sound familiar? Honestly it might not for some people. I don't know if this is something I think of alone in the depths of my secretly, but obviously bitchy mind.

Here's the thing that infuriates me about these types of people and the posts they put out. It's so fucking half-assed. It's like this photo of Selena Gomez eating pizza in a red ball gown.

Stop being relatable! You're too pretty!

Stop being relatable! You're too pretty!

Selena is probably trying to be relatable but she only goes halfway there. Sure, you're eating pizza. But you're beautiful and the pizza comes with a trainer, a personal chef, and frankly you probably only ate 3 bites of it. The rest of us mere mortals have fluctuating pooches and if we even sniff pizza we gain a half pound. It makes me mad, frankly. You can't be both! You can't reap the benefits of being relatable when every other aspect of you is so not relatable. 

The same goes for these girls on Instagram. They'll post a photo where they look "bad". But "bad" really just means "quirky good". Their tongue is sticking out, they spilled something on their shirt, they're being photobombed - stuff like that. Their face still looks great, the photo is still Facetuned, and they still look good despite trying to put out a 'relatably vulnerable' photo.

You want to be relatable and vulnerable? Well, then you have to take it all the way there.

I pose a challenge to celebrities and quirky girls on Instagram: show me a pit stain. Show me a camel toe that happened accidentally, an ingrown hair that won't go away, stretch marks you recently discovered or upper lip hair that is in between waxing and starting to look a bit awkward.

I think that is brave. I think that is relatable. But it bothers me to no end that celebrities and Instagram girls put in half the effort on that, and reap all the rewards. It's scary to put yourself out there fully, so either whole-ass it or no-ass it.

And I feel like I can say this freely because I regularly post photos when I look like utter shit. 

Deep down, I know I'm jealous. These girls have a lot of natural beauty that at the end of the day, women just despise. It's horrible and I could say it's how society made us, how we're conditioned to hate other women, but at any rate, it's there.

But I do think it's unhealthy, what celebrities and these Instagram girls do. They pretend they're putting out their authentic, worst self, but really it's a carefully curated candid where they only look half bad. It leads other people to look at photos like that and think, "damn, even on her bad days she looks great." And it isn't true. We all have bad days - truly bad days, not candidly bad ones. It's just that no one ever wants to show theirs.

So again, I say: Show me your pit stains! Show me your camel toe! Show me your stretch marks! Because I think it would be healthier if everyone did.

Sweatily yours,