Tips for girls to manage their thick ass hair. (Hair on their head. Not ass hair, to be clear.)

First, I want to say that I chose the thumbnail photo to go along with this blog post purely because it’s artsy and cool. Because thick hair it is not. And this is something I want to get off my chest before we begin, because I feel so strongly about it.


Thick. Hair.

I have had thick hair for years. This horrific photo to the right is how I wore that thick hair for many years. In a straight part, flat against my head, low ponytail, as condensed as I could possibly make it. Over the years I have tried dozens of techniques to try to thin and straighten my hair.

Blow drying, keratin treatments, flat ironing when wet, flat ironing when dry, I even once brushed my hair constantly from my morning shower until my 3rd period class (yes, I was brushing it while in class) in an attempt to have my hair dry straight.

It didn’t work. None of these have. I will probably continue to have thick ass hair for the rest of my long ass life. And while this bodes great for my sex appeal in the nursing home I’ll eventually end up at, I’m currently 25, and I’m sick of planning my entire life on when I can wash, dry, and straighten my curly thick hair.

The only benefit of going through this agonizing process for years is that I’ve collected enough information to put together the best god damn blog post of all time.

Helpful tips for girls with thick, curly hair

1. This Dyson AirWrap knockoff

Dyson came out with their AirWrap a few months ago that promised to use their advanced air therapy for the benevolent act of drying hair straight. (I’m not being sarcastic when I say this. The amount of breakdowns that I’ve had due to my thick hair are in the hundreds.)

It’s a blowdryer and hairbrush all in one, and it has barrels you can swap to make your hair pin straight, wavy straight, curly, and everything in between.

However, it’s $500. Weirdly enough, I would shell out $500 for it. That’s how much I want to solve my hair problem! But all the girls I’ve seen use it in videos already have sleek, straight hair and I just don’t think the Dyson is powerful enough to handle my curly thickness.

So I found this on Amazon, the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler. It does something pretty similar to the Dyson, but it’s only $38.

Does this make my hair dry pin straight? No. Of course not. After every blowout I come home from the salon in tears and then straighten my whole head. My hair is a big thing that needs more than just one element.

But, instead of waiting 4 hours (yes, 4 hours) for my hair to dry, I’ll run through it with this, and it will be dry in 15 MINUTES! It’s a dream come true! I still have to straighten it after to tame the frizziness and the thickness, but this device has single-handedly changed my life of having to plan nights around when I wash my hair.

I can now shower at 8pm, be out by 8:15, have dry hair by 8:30, and then be straightened by 9/9:30 (depending on when I had keratin last). It’s amazing.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 5.43.00 AM.png

2. The Keratin Treatment

If you’re a thicc hair girl like myself you’ve definitely heard of the Keratin treatment before. Even though I wear my hair straight 360 days out of the year, I’ve always been turned off by permanent straightening treatments. Because most of us thick, curly haired folk despise our hair, but at the same time, there is a love there for how horribly unique and different it is. And having naturally curly hair does help to hold a curl, or give you nice waves with certain sea salt sprays, etc.

Enter, the Keratin treatment. Painting a huge amount of keratin (a natural protein found into your hair) over your head that helps to keep your hair smooth for about 3-4 months (or 6 months if you wash your hair infrequently).

Photo credit:

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It’s a long process. I’m probably in the salon for at least 3 hours every time (my hair is also damn long). But it is so worth it. I can air dry my hair. Blow drying or straightening time is halved, at least. And I can walk outside on a rainy or humid day and not be constantly stressing out about frizz. It makes me want to cry, that’s how much I love it.

This girl’s article also does a great job of explaining more about the treatment.


I mentioned this in my ‘products to shell out for’ blog post, and I stand by it! This shower cap is a wonderful product, I often walk around the Equinox wearing it proudly, despite the many weird looks I get in return from the beautiful women there.

Thick hair shouldn’t be washed too often, and the easiest way to manage it not getting wet is with this shower cap. Trust me - despite the price, it’s really worth it.


4. Keratin shampoo - if you don’t want to ball out for the treatment

Something about Kertain is really the game changer for thick and frizzy hair. I don’t understand it, I don’t get the science part of it, but I do know that it just works. If you want the best in the business, go for this Brazilian Keratin shampoo/conditioner below.


5. Heat first, pressure second

This is a tip that probably works for a scientific reason, but sadly I’m a mere blogger, not a scientist, so I can only use personal experience to back this up.

Something about applying heat to your hair, and then putting pressure on it helps to make your hair look less thick. For example - blow drying your hair and then putting it into a bun, or straightening your hair and then setting it in braids.

Tightening your hair always works to make it look thinner, but if heat was distributed beforehand, I’ve found that it helps to “set” your hair into looking a lot thinner and more manageable.

6. Blow dry down, always

Blow drying hair is something that always sends chills down my back. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had my hair “blown out straight” for it to come out looking horribly, and end with me crying about it once I get home.

Then I moved to New York City and found some real ass hairstylists.

Don’t let anyone tousle your hair when they’re blowdrying. Fuucckkk that. So many hairstylists want thick hair for their clients so they’re constantly tousling hair while blow drying which makes it as thick as can be. Literally just tell them to knock it off.

Also, blow dry down, always. The direction of air should always be starting at your scalp, pointing down, and carried down in that direction for the entire duration of a blow-out, it makes a huge difference in finishing your hair to be silky and manageable.

Have any tips of your own for managing some seriously unmanageable hair? Let me know! I had a keratin treatment done last week, so I’m currently smooth sailing (pun intended, haha) but always on the lookout for new tips.

Thickly yours (hahaha),