I got Tear Trough Fillers (and you can too!)

I procrastinate everything, and right now I’m procrastinating writing a big, long post about my nose job by writing a shorter post about my tear trough fillers. I might be vain, and the reason why a certain plastic surgeon in San Francisco gets to go on two vacations this year, but at least I’m consistent with my blog content!

You might be thinking, what the fuck are tear trough fillers?

We’ve all heard of nose jobs, and lip injections cover about 90% on the Instagram explore page, but certain procedures like chin implants and tear trough fillers are the less-talked-about, but surprisingly common procedures that most people don’t know about.

Tear trough fillers are meant to plump up the skin under your eyes - removing bags, lightening dark circles, and generally making you look more alert and less tired. This can be especially beneficial for white-as-hell people like myself, who have thin skin, and can have some deep areas under our eyes.

Check out this YouTuber’s experience with tear trough fillers  here .

Check out this YouTuber’s experience with tear trough fillers here.

I hate to put myself in the camp of people who want more cosmetic surgery after their first procedure, but it’s just human nature that once one problem is fixed, you tend to then start fixating on the next problem.

I absolutely loved my nose job, but without fixating on my big nose every time I looked at my face, I now realized something: I’m 25 and I look god damn tired and haggard all the time. What is up with this? It wasn’t until I took a photo of myself in my workplace bathroom with the front facing camera (yeah I know, I frame my photos in a much different way than most Instagram models) that I realized I wanted to do something about my huge bags.

So at my next post-surgery check up for my nose I asked my surgeon, “could I benefit from tear trough fillers?” and he looked at me eagerly, like he had been waiting months for me to say those words, and excitedly went “yes!”

Most people probably would have been a little offended at how rapidly and enthusiastically he was on board with this, but if anything it professionally validated my thinking that my under-eyes were more hollow than the average person’s.

So a couple weeks later, I went in to get them done.

Here’s the main thing I want you to know about tear trough fillers: they really aren’t a big deal at all. Pain, time, recovery - all incredibly simple and minimal.

I sat there in the chair as the nurse examined my face, and traced under my eye where she would be injecting with filler. They inject a bit lower than you would think they do, and then gently push the filler up into the exact right placement. It’s kind of funky, but you get iced and then injected with a numbing-something (remembering clinical information is obviously not my forte) and you really don’t feel anything at all.

The nurse makes anywhere from 2-8 injections, pushes, steps back, looks at you, and repeats. The entire process took maybe 15 minutes, and was so painless I truly can’t stress it enough. Then she handed me a mirror to look myself, and…well I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.

Here’s a the photo that started it all (of me in the workplace toilet stall hahaha) compared to how I looked the morning after the fillers were injected.

I was ecstatic! I felt like I looked 5 years younger, a million times more awake, and generally just more pleasant to look at. I kept staring into a mirror, mystified that changing one minor part of the face could have such a great result overall.

My mom was concerned about bruising, especially since my sister’s wedding was coming up, but I bruised 0%, and it’s incredibly rare for anyone to bruise after this (of course, if the treatment is done correctly).

The fillers last a year-ish, and cost $400, which I know is more expensive than most prices. Keep in mind, I got these done in one of the most expensive places in the world (San Francisco), so most other places I’ll see this priced at anywhere from $150 to over $1,000 (a special place in NYC that I looked at).

I’m now about 6 months post injection, and I can tell that mine are fading a bit, but it’s still a great improvement from before I had them done. I’ll definitely continue to get this done in the future, because 15 minutes and a few hundred bucks, to me, is worth a year of never worrying about concealer and being able to stay up late if you want to.

And I know some people say that plastic surgery is bullshit, and you should love yourself as you are, yadda yadda. It’s my belief, that I can spend money on makeup products, applying them, angling myself in photos, editing said photos, and going to therapy to improve my self-confidence and find a way to accept my flaws. Or I can spend a few hundred bucks and a half hour to fix them.

I like the quicker option. Sue me.

If you have any other questions about tear trough fillers, feel free to ask! I’m more than happy to answer or talk with you about any part of the process.

Also, if you know of a NYC recommendation for tear trough fillers, hit the kid up! These will wear off in a few months and I’m definitely going to want to get them done again.

Alertly (or at least, looking that way),