Gift ideas for your vegan friends. (Also, you have vegan friends? Introduce me.)

Ah, the holiday season is upon us! The streets are lit up with Christmas lights, wreaths hang in the windows, and the vibe is so cozy and wonderful that I’ve almost forgotten we might have fishless oceans by 2050.

I have a horrible habit of overspending on gifts for others, but mostly, gifts for myself. I love to online shop. But luckily for you, I love to online ship for vegan gifts for myself, and after years of buying more than I should in that department - I have some wisdom to share with you.

Here are 7 gift ideas to make your vegan friend very happy.

1. In The Soulshine shirt

There are so many different shirts out there that spew vegan messages, and I have to say, I’m conflicted on it. Because not only are they sometimes a bit preachy, but they also look horrible. Some CustomInk bad quality letters on an Amazon shirt type of shit. If I’m going to wear a preachy message, then I want to at least look good doing it! Enter: In The Soulshine.


These shirts are the stone-washed, naturally soft, somehow looks-good-on-every-type kind. The messages on them are cute, they’re mad comfortable, and chances are if your friend is super vegan, then they’ve seen these shirts on Instagram but not been sure on where to buy them.

Important to note, though, these ship from Australia, so make sure to order them in advance!

2. YCL Jewelry

This is a more expensive gift, but damn is it nice. This jewelry company is founded by a vegan, made ethically/sustainably, whatever! I don’t know how they’re made. But they’re made the right way. (You can tell because they’re so expensive). Also made out of Australia where apparently it’s not just the people who are beautifully perfect, but merchandise as well.


Your vegan friend will definitely be into this because these types of necklaces are all over vegan influencers. It’s simple, ethical, and the profits support veganism, and literally the whole point of veganism is to vote with your dollar for the right thing, so they will be on board.

3. Freaking nice stuff for flat lays

I hate that I know and love flat lays because they’re so overwhelmingly basic, but I can’t help it! Something about it is so calming, and organized, but also perfectly messy…it’s like Facetune for your tabletop. If you don’t know what flat lays are, they’re this type of photo:


Super cute, right? Anyway, vegans absolutely love food-focused flat lays. They used to only be featured in fancy cook books, but now they’re all over Instagram, and since veganism is a food-centered lifestyle, every part of the eating experience is important to us. So get your vegan friend some high quality, nice looking plates and cookware. Specifically, ones like these from Crate and Barrel.

4. Vegan Birkenstocks

Vegan shoes are nearly impossible to find because leather is used on everything. Even if you find a shoe that isn't “made” out of leather, they usually have leather uppers, or leather soles, or just like…it’s so annoying there’s leather in almost everything.

However, Birkenstocks recently came out with a vegan line and us vegans rejoiced everywhere! Because Birkenstocks are a cool shoe, cool brand, and usually we have to buy vintage, or used, or like…the only shoes without leather are running shoes. Just very uncool stuff.

5. The best Etsy has to offer

Unnnhhh I shop way too damn much on Etsy. I love Etsy. Over the years I’ve purchased a bunch of vegan focused things from here so I’m just going to put them all together on this list.


Similar to number 3, spoons are great for vegan Insta’s, and you can put cute little messages in here like “Plant Eater” or “Friends not food” or “Vegan AF” or whatever you want!


This hat is hilarious and awesome except once I wore it out to Whole Foods and the cashier made fun of me for it (I know, at Whole Foods like come on!) so then I stopped wearing it but before that cashier made me feel weird I LOVED the hat. There’s one that looks almost exactly like this on Amazon, but don’t get it! It’s a fake and horrible quality whereas this one actually is stitched in and feels great to wear.

These tote bags are super cute, and both from the same seller! Get the “Vegan Vibes” for the more outspoken vegan friend and the “Plant Powered” one for the friend who cheats on veganism with a slice of pizza when they’re drunk (sometimes it happens…)

6. Crap tons of Nutritional Yeast

Or, as us vegans call it, “nooch”. This stuff is amazing. If you aren’t vegan or someone who peruses the aisles of health food stores for fun, you probably haven’t heard of this, so let me tell you a bit about it.

Yes, it has the worst name of all time. “Nutritional Yeast” like jesus even separately both of those words are so unappealing. Nooch, however, is actually delicious. These little yellow nutrient-packed flakes have a totally cheesy quality to them, it’s uncanny. They taste great sprinkled over popcorn, on top of broccoli, piled in a small-scale mountain on top of my pasta…you name it. About 90% of all “vegan cheese” recipes will include nutritional yeast in them.

You can find this at most grocery stores (and definitely specialty health food stores). It comes in a bunch of different packages, but the most popular one looks like this.


There you go! You can, of course, get your vegan friend a non-vegan gift because vegans are above all humans, haha, but this list might help you if you’ve got a Secret Santa vegan, and the only thing you know about them is that they don’t eat meat.

Happy holidays,