Hi, How are ya?

Shannon McNamara

Hi and welcome! I'm Shannon, and I write the blog posts here. 

My 'real job' is working for a healthcare startup in Manhattan, where I live.

I started this blog because I just love to get my thoughts out. I used to vlog, write letters, and do this in different forms - but I decided on an official blog so once day I can go back through all of these posts and remember different parts of my life.

If you want to read about the story of my life, you can do so here. And for weekly updates? Stay tuned on the home page.

Why FluentlyForward?
This was actually a blog url I had when I used to blog back in high school. I just loved the phrase of it, the idea of being fluent in a type of conversation where you are authentic, open, and forward is a flattering idea to me.